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Are you looking for the best place to sell engagement ring? Or do you wish to exchange your current ring for something good? Well, Sell Your Diamond is the right place for you. Our gemologist will ensure to offer you the best value for both certified and non-certified diamonds as per the market rate.

With us, you no longer have to worry about how to sell engagement ring after divorce? We will put our experts at your service so that your departing piece of jewellery can leave your life only after providing you unexpected benefits.

You can use offline services to sell your engagement rings for instant cash. But with this service, you will require visiting our Hatton Garden office by scheduling an appointment. During the process, our expert gemologists will inspect the certificate of your diamond or proceed with creating one, in case you don't have the certificate. While creating the certificate, our gemologists will inspect all the facets of the diamond, right from clarity, cut, and color to its carat. Accordingly, they will generate a precise quote for approximate valuation. All this will be done in your presence so that you know your diamond is rightfully inspected.

And don't worry; your metals won't go in vain either. We are one of the trusted engagement ring buyers who deal with buying the precious diamond and precious metals like gold or platinum. So, while providing you with the offer for your diamond, we will include the value of your metal too.

If you wish to make a deal online, then we can also help you with buying your engagement ring online. With this process, everything will be taken care of in your absence, but you will receive genuine and rightful value for your old jewellery, regardless. You can always request us for negotiation, in case you aren't happy with the offer. But we assure that working with us will help you gain better value on your jewellery. Our valuable business contacts and huge turnover help us in offering our clients with the best offers the market has to offer.

So, stop by at our store to gain better insight into the resale value of your prized possession.



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A breakup can be an upsetting moment while outwardly making a fresh start in life and love. Since several questions might have to be answered at this point, the question of who will possess the ring after a broken engagement remains the major one. In many states, a ring is seen as a gift. But, an engagement ring usually also comes with the condition of the pledge to tie the knot in the future. In some states, a ring is seen as an unconditional gift. If anybody from the duo calls off the engagement, the girl can possess the engagement ring.

In general, once a gift is given and acknowledged, the transfer of possessions is complete. You would not have legal authority to ask for your significant other to return the Keurig you purchased for them many years back. However, it is very different in the case of engagement rings. In nearly every state, engagement rings belong to a unique category called unconditional gifts.

You need to keep in mind that the key to selling your engagement ring is concentrating on lessening your loss. Since we’ve time and again, it is very uncommon to get back the whole amount you paid for a diamond as you sell an engagement ring. There are various alternatives to sell your diamond engagement ring, all of which will bring about a special resale price.

That said, the price that you’ll be able to sell your ring is evidently wholly based on the jewelry itself. Typically, the resale value for an engagement ring is about 20 to 60 percent of the amount paid initially.

Every diamond dealer or buyer is different. Thus, there is no precise procedure for selling your engagement ring to make a good profit.

The resale value of your diamond jewelry piece depends on its quality and the place where you purchased it. The better the diamond quality, the higher your diamond engagement ring’s resale value will be.

Sell Your Diamonds is a genuine and ideal platform that you can rely on if you want to sell your diamond engagement ring for money.

You should know the basics before you go online and sell your valuables. Before you do anything, it is crucial to collect all the information you have about your engagement ring. See whether you have the case, bill receipt, a GIA certification, or any other lab report. As well, you must be aware of the resale market value of your engagement ring, plus the weight and grade of the gems and setting.

If you possess an old or used engagement ring which is a minimum of a half-carat diamond, it may sell for over 1000 Dollars online. Sell Your Diamonds is one of the top-rated online platforms you can trust. We at Sell Your Diamonds are reputable diamond buyers in the UK, and we have already worked with tons of clients. We have experience of more than 20 years in this industry. Even if you do not have a receipt, or GIA certificate, we’ll still accept your item. We deal in uncertified diamonds, too.

Do you want to sell your diamond engagement ring, finally? But you do not have any idea where to start from? Where to sell it? An engagement ring can be a valuable asset, and it means a lot to you. You need to find the right place to sell your ring in the first place. Besides that, it is also important to know everything about your ring, which includes details like diamond size, cut, carat weight, etc.

Seeking the right jewelry dealers or diamond buyers can be a daunting task for some people. No matter if the ring is inherited or bought from a local jeweler, you’ll want to know the ideal way to sell it.

You may find several places to sell your valuables, either offline or online. Sell Your Diamonds is one online platform where you can put your diamond item on sale and get a fair deal in return. The advantage of selling your diamonds at Sell Your Diamonds is that you can get the best resale value, and it’s a safe platform. To book your appointment, all you need to do is fill in a form to book your appointment, and you are all set to get started.

So have you finally decided to sell your old diamond engagement ring for cash? If yes, then you need to take certain things into account. Firstly, it is vital to search for an honest diamond buyer or dealer. Getting a fair deal for an old or used jewelry piece can be tough, and you might get conned, too. It would be better to work with experts who will get the work done professionally without wasting time.

You can seek diamond buyers online. There are lots of benefits of working with online dealers. Out of those, one is convenience. You can carry out the whole deal from home and often get the amount directly to your account in less than 2 days. Another benefit is that you do not have to stroll with your jewelry piece around jewelry stores and pawnshops.

Sell Your Diamonds is the best option that you can choose if you want to sell your ring online. Count on them and sell your old engagement ring for cash.

Regardless of how many years or months your marriage lasted, the engagement ring can stay sentimental for a lot of people. Many women out there are most likely to keep their ring inside a drawer, far out of sight, after a divorce. There are many other things that can be done with this wedding souvenir. If your ex has paid a high price for the ring, he is perhaps not going to return it easily.

The advantages of returning the engagement ring to your ex are fully emotional. Giving the ring back to him relieves you out of the feelings you experience as you watch the ring. That can aid you to move on if you are feeling stuck in misery. You can even think about repurposing the diamond if you want to keep the ring with you after the break-off. Keep it safe to hand down to your children at the time of their wedding.

You can even look for places to sell your engagement ring. Sell your diamonds is a reputed online jewelry buyer in London that deals in loose diamonds, diamond wedding rings, and diamond engagement rings.

It can be complicated and challenging for some to sell an old engagement ring. But selling it online can be easier. It can just take about 24 to 48 hours to complete the process. Make sure that you look for a buyer who is trustworthy.

You must check several things before choosing a buyer for your diamond engagement ring. These things can be accreditations, client reviews, free service, physical location, and honest price estimates.

Factors like the 4Cs, certifications, diamond’s condition, and current market scenarios also play a decisive role while you are selling your diamond jewelry.

In order to have a quick and secure deal, you can choose online buyers if you have decided to sell your engagement ring. Rely on Sell Your Diamonds, one of the leading diamond dealers in the UK, to sell your diamond item for instant money. You do not need to pay any fees or charges. We also have a great experience in this line, so you can put your trust in us without a second thought.

It is not always easy to get rid of your lover’s memento, no matter if you have inherited an old ring, or possess an engagement ring that you do not use anymore.

Online platforms are the perfect place to sell your engagement ring or any other jewelry piece. You can achieve a healthy resale amount if you sell your engagement ring at Sell Your Diamonds, the most trusted diamond dealer in London.

The best thing about selling your diamond item at Sell Your Diamonds is that you do not have to go out and wander around the streets to find a buyer. Also, you can even get the ideal value for your engagement ring in no time. It is 100 percent safe to sell your loose diamonds, wedding ring, necklace, pendant, or engagement ring at Sell Your Diamond. Fill up your form online to schedule your appointment. You can receive the entire resale amount either via cash or bank transfer.

As you are looking to put your old engagement ring on sale, you’ll probably have a few questions in your head. Where can I sell my old engagement ring? How can I determine its actual worth? Will I be able to find a trustworthy buyer in the town?

Regardless of whether the ring was gifted to you or you bought it yourself, there are certain factors that you should take into account. These will assist you in finding the right resale value of the ring. All these factors might affect the value of your engagement ring: diamond certification, the metal, the place where you are selling it, the centre stone, and its original price.

If your ring has a diamond in the centre, then it is vital to be aware of the 4 Cs. The 4C s of your diamond, include color grade, cut grade, clarity grade, and carat weight. Using all these details, the buyers or dealers will be able to estimate a value for your diamond. In the majority of instances, you can get somewhere between 20 and 60 percent of the initial cost of a diamond ring.

While marriage is ended or you want instant cash, selling the wedding or engagement ring can be a step that you can take. But you might think “where can you sell the ring?”

You must ensure that you are selling it to get a fair price in return. Moreover, you’ll probably want to make sure that it doesn’t turn out to be a lengthy procedure.

To sell your valuables safely and quickly, you can look for online buyers who deal in diamond engagement rings. Sell Your Diamonds is one option that you can prefer to have a safe deal and instant cash for your diamond engagement ring.

Prior to selling your engagement ring to any buyer, either online or in-person, it is better to do some research. You must comprehensively research the company. Do glance at their past client reviews, and ratings. See what kind of services they are offering, and how long they have been working in this business.

There is nothing wrong with selling your diamond engagement ring, no matter what the reason is. You might look to get rid of the ring due to breakup, funds requirement, or just do not want to wear it anymore.

On the whole, selling your diamond engagement ring is a great alternative that you can decide on. Since an engagement ring comes with great value, you need to make sure that you sell it to a trustworthy jewelry dealer who can offer you a fair price.

It is very common to sell the engagement ring following a breakup. No matter if your engagement was cancelled or you had a divorce after marriage, the engagement ring is now just a painful memento of your love life. You can erase those tough memories by getting rid of your engagement ring, and letting yourself move on.

Find a genuine, credible jewelry buyer like Sell Your Diamonds to sell your engagement ring securely without any trouble.

An engagement ring is among the most fantastic gifts one can give. As soon as the wedding takes place, a majority of states see the gifting of the ring as complete. During separation, the ring’s beneficiary is permitted to keep it. A lot of folks out there contact Sell Your Diamonds and ask whether we deal in used or old engagement rings.

You can sell your used engagement ring after getting separated from your partner at Sell Your Diamonds. We are among the top online platforms where you can sell diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond necklaces or loose diamonds.

There are numerous pros of selling your diamond marriage mementoes after divorce at Sell Your Diamonds. We work on a streamlined procedure, which means you can save a lot of your precious time if you count on us. Apart from this, you can enjoy many exciting offers from us, which might help you to receive a greater value for your valuables.

Selling an engagement ring to a jeweler may seem overwhelming while you are doing it for the first time. Also, knowing how the jewelry is valued is crucial, too. The process of jewelry selling and purchasing is very similar to the process of selling and purchasing cars.

As you sell an old car to any buyer, you may end up receiving less compared to what you have paid initially.

The jewelers in London value a diamond engagement ring on the basis of their individual price. They use a profit margin on the materials and time taken to prepare an engagement ring. Lots of jewelry shops around just use a profit margin on finished products purchased for stock. On average, you might end up receiving about 20 to 60 percent of your ring’s original price.

There are some jewelers who offer 90 to 100 percent value for an engagement ring at the time of resale.

In general, the value of an engagement ring declines after a while. Also, the retail value that was paid earlier is overblown to pay for business expenditures like building rent, utility bills, employee salaries, and many more.

Most of the time, an engagement ring can be a valuable asset. If you want to liquidate them, you would need to take special care to get the most out of the ROI. The resale value of your engagement ring depends on its condition, age, centre stone, metal type, certifications, setting, and carat weight. But, in most cases, people end up getting somewhere around 40 to 75 percent of the initial price of the ring.

Do you currently possess an engagement ring that you want to sell? Reach out to Sell Your Diamonds to know the true value of your ring, and earn the most money. Selling your engagement ring at Sell Your Diamonds is quite easy and safe. The whole process can take about 24 to 48 hours to complete.

It is very important to be absolutely sure about selling your engagement ring as it is not like any other jewelry item. It is a symbol of love, and commitment.

Looking to sell your old engagement ring? Then do consider the following tips before going to any dealer:

1. Be aware of what you have got

Only because your grandma said that her old diamond ring was precious to her, does not mean that it would be precious for everyone. Thus, before you go out, get a proper depiction of its quality and genuineness. An experienced appraiser can give you a fair estimation of the diamond’s attributes and condition. He might also highlight the negative and positive characteristics that could impact its worth.

2. Hunt for places where you can sell

Selecting a jewelry dealer is not always about receiving the best value. However, it is generally a task of how swiftly you can close the deal, or how much you trust the person you are selling your diamonds to.

The best benefit of selling your valuables to someone from the diamond business is time. If you are looking to sell securely and in no time, you must seek jewelry stores or diamond dealers.

It can be very painful and upsetting if your engagement is called off. As soon as you decide you will tie the knot and it did not happen, the consequences are incredibly tentative. Besides emotional anguish, you need to decide who will be keeping the engagement ring. The court differs in this situation. However, the answer mainly relies on how the particular court categorizes the wedding gift, and, at times, on the roots behind the called-off engagement. Some states consider an engagement ring as an unconditional gift.

There have been instances where an engagement ring can be eligible as compensation, only if the couple comprehended that the ring was being granted as compensation.

It is not always apparent who gets the ring after the breakup, particularly with the several methods employed by the courts. The expectation is that the couples resolve any quarrel through a harmonious agreement, but that is usually a tall task following a break-off.

It can be a risky situation if you have decided to propose to someone and you are not certain whether she will say yes or no. As you are confident that she will accept your proposal, there is a possibility that things might not work out as you desire.

In case of a rejection, this can rapidly coil into a complicated situation. While emotional feelings are at their peak, it is best to be prepared for coping with the engagement ring return.

As sales policies differ from trader to trader, a majority of jewelry shops give some sort of return policy on jewelry items like an engagement ring. Purchasing from jewelry stores that give a no-question asked refund/return policy is always better than the ones offering a credit/exchange policy.

A full return or refund assurance implies that you can get your purchase amount back without any sort of trouble. Such kind of assurance is generally offered by traders who truly have the interest of the customer.

In some cases, it happens that a duo gets engaged and gets separated before tying the knot. In such situations, lots of problems can come up, particularly when we talk about property rights. This is among the most common quarrels related to the ownership of an engagement ring following a break-off. Some disputes related to engagement ring ownership might entail matters, such as:

1. Matters linked to engagement rings that cannot be replaced or are seen as family inheritances.

2. Disputes that entail the estimation of the engagement ring.

In lots of instances, the courts might see the ring as a gift and let the beneficiary keep it. In other situations, the court might see the ring to be an element of a pledge that ends with marriage. Hence, this permits the giver to keep it.

It can be hard to resolve property quarrels, primarily the ones entailing precious items like engagement rings. An experienced family attorney can give you suggestions and depiction in the case that you have a quarrel and want to file a lawsuit.

The laws on ownership of valuables like engagement rings or wedding rings vary from state to state. In some states, the engagement ring is seen as a gift, meaning that it’s categorized as separate possession. The rules and regulations of unbiased division are just applicable to marital property, and not separate belongings. Hence, the engagement ring stays with the person to whom it was initially given during the occasion of a breakup. It’ll not be among the possessions that are subject to division at the time of the pair’s divorce procedures.

You must keep in mind that this rule is only applicable to possessions like engagement rings that were bought before the marriage. However, some buy engagement rings after getting married.

One person from the duo gifts the engagement ring under the condition that the duo will get hitched. If they do not fulfill this condition, the receiver is no longer entitled to the ring. In this case, the ring will remain with the giver, no matter who was responsible for the broken engagement.

Engagement rings are full of emotions, and selling them can be very painful for many of us. That is very much true, regardless of what you are going to sell, be it your grandma’s antique engagement ring, or a brand new designer ring.

As you purchase a diamond engagement ring from a retailer, you pay a great retail price. The fact is that the markup on these diamond items is remarkably high. The instant the ring left the store; it became a used item, even though you haven’t put it on yet.

Diamond engagement rings do have a resale value, but it totally depends on various things such as metal type, diamond condition, size, cut, carat weight, etc. The GIA certificate also plays a crucial part in deciding the actual worth of your diamond ring.

No matter how well you keep up your diamond engagement rings, it is likely to lose a great amount of their original value during the resale. There are certain things that everyone should consider while reselling a diamond engagement ring.

Do you own old wedding jewelry, for example, an engagement that you no longer wear? There are many places where your old engagement ring can be sold out. Typically, an old or used engagement ring gets sold for about 30 to 50 percent of its initial price.

You can come across several online platforms to sell your wedding jewelry items. Some of these may offer you some worthy deals that may excite you. One such platform is Sell Your Diamonds, the most reputable jewelry dealer in the UK. Sell Your Diamonds is an experienced company that has been around for several years. They do not charge any fee to ship your jewelry piece.

Also, they can give you an estimate for your items in no time, and that, too, for free. Besides engagement rings, they also deal in loose diamonds, wedding rings, diamond rings, and GIA certified diamonds.

To get work with Sell Your Diamonds, you can directly contact their team, or mail them your query. They are available every day between 9:30 to 6 PM.