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Diamond jewellery is a mark of something important in life. It can be a gift from someone special or might be a self-gift you gave yourself for achieving a milestone. And that is why not many people think of obtaining cash for certified diamonds. But, life tends to change; financial hardships and relationship issues can result in the selling of the jewellery for good.

But, just because you are trying to get rid of the diamond jewellery, it doesn't mean that you will sell your GIA diamonds at a lower cost. Whatever the reason behind the selling is, you have to make sure that you find the trusted diamond buyers. At Sell Your Diamond, we value your emotions and needs equally, meaning our services will not only make you satisfied but help you in obtaining the best diamond resale value.

If you want to sell old diamonds online, then you can benefit from our postal service. Through this service, we can offer you the elite deals on your diamond without the need for you to leave the premises of your home. Once you accept our offer, we assure you of transferring the said amount within 12 hours or within the same day of receiving the diamond from your end.

Since we have amazing contacts with various business and witness huge turnovers, it becomes easy for us to offer the best possible deals throughout the UK. Plus, our experienced team of fine jewellers makes sure of inspecting every aspect of the jewellery while you are selling your certified diamonds to offer high-value appraisals. And that means you will receive 100% customer satisfaction from our end in terms of services and payouts.

And don't worry, if you think, you aren't getting the best offers when you Sell diamonds for cash with us, then we will make sure of returning the goods back to you free of cost through Royal mail. You are most welcome to make a proper deal with us, only if you are happy with what you get. Or else, we will help you in finding the best diamond buyers as per your requirement.

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The answer is, why not. You can sell your GIA-certified diamonds to one of the top diamond dealers, Sell Your Diamonds. The full form of GIA is the Gemological Institute of America. GIA grades your precious stones. GIA is a non-profit organization specializing in research and education regarding diamond and diamond jewelry pieces. A GIA certification is proof of quality. You can expect to receive a higher value for your diamonds if you have certification.

We, Sell Your Diamonds, have been in the diamond business for several years. Whether it is a diamond engagement ring, necklace, or loose diamonds, we deal in all kinds of diamond items. We offer friendly, safe, and straightforward service to our respected clients. Selling your stones to us can be worth it as we’ll give you the money instantly via cash or bank transfer. As we have great connections with many other companies, it becomes trouble-free for us to provide the best offers.

When you buy any diamond item, you have likely noticed the terms like ethical diamonds or conflict-free diamonds. What conflict-free loose diamonds actually are? These are the natural diamonds that have been mined and delivered to the marketplace without providing any benefits to any terrorist organizations. These diamond pieces are also known as blood diamonds.

The problem of terrorist organizations and armed force groups utilizing diamond mining to fund violent action initially hit public awareness significantly during the early 2000s.

About 65% of the world’s diamonds originate from the African continent, where rebel militias and terrorist groups have prospered in some nations.

There are some jewelers, who can give you a great deal on conflict-free loose diamonds, as in several nations, counting the USA, it is unlawful to buy and sell conflict diamonds. If you have loose diamonds that you don’t use much now, then Sell Your Diamonds can be the best place where you can sell them and obtain a fair amount.

Jewelers do buy diamonds, but some of them don’t. There are many things that prevent them from purchasing your diamonds. These can be:


There are some jewelers who do not feel confident while purchasing old diamond items from the public. This is because they do not know the person well with which they are dealing with. The person selling the diamonds can be a criminal, or the diamonds can be forged or artificial. They find dealing with such people quite risky.


Many jewelers simply do not have the money to make significant acquisitions then and there. For purchasing diamond items, they would have to have funds readily available.


This is the main reason why many jewelers don’t deal with the public. Jewelers do not want to appear distrustful or shady in the market. Also, they do not want people to think that they are cheating with them.

There are jewelers who do not purchase diamond items, but they take trade-ins which is also good for you. You receive value for your old, second-hand piece, and you receive a brand new piece in return.

If you own an old diamond jewelry piece and want to sell it, you can visit online and search numerous options to sell diamonds for instant cash. No matter if it is a wedding ring, a pendant, or a necklace, selling diamonds has never been too simple.

Sell Your Diamonds is among the best places to sell diamond jewelry and make some money. We deal in every type of diamond. To be more precise, we have made a list that includes tennis bracelets, earrings, engagement rings, loose diamonds, etc. The offer you’ll get for your stones from us will be determined by the 4Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight.

At Sell Your Diamonds, our expert team will educate the clients on the actual worth of their precious stones. They will also talk about the details thoroughly while sending an offer. While selling your stones to us, you can expect a quick and straightforward appraisal procedure. You just need to fill up a form online to book your appointment with us.

Currently, the second-hand jewelry market has grown significantly, and a lot of individuals now want to resell the pieces that are wasted to them. These pieces can be diamond rings, bracelets, pendants, etc. But, at times, the major challenge that comes in such a procedure is to know how to sell diamond jewelry securely.

You may also face a challenge to find a trusted jeweler as there are several companies dealing in diamonds and other jewelry pieces.

In order to put your diamond item on sale or sell them safely, you must understand the market and set up the price of your valuables. Strive to determine what the same diamond jewelry is selling for on other digital platforms.

At Sell Your Diamonds, we work with qualified professionals and industry experts who’ll offer you a quick and free estimation on the basis of the details given. There is no compulsion to sell the piece.