Sell Wedding Rings

Once a divorce is finalized, wedding rings are the least important things in people's life. However, not everyone has a similar feeling while departing their ways from the wedding ring. Some tend to redesign the ring; some give away their ring to the ex-spouse, and others sell wedding ring after divorce.

But no matter what your expectations are with the ring, if you are out to sell your wedding rings for instant cash, then you have to make sure that you receive the best deal out of it. And one of the best ways to gain better deals is by working with us. At Sell Your Diamond, we understand the emotions and sentiments attached to the wedding and engagement rings. And that is why we strive our best to offer you a safe space while buying your wedding ring online. We offer same-day services that include everything right from offering 100% Risk-free & fully insured service to high-value appraisals, completing the payment within 12 hours and allowing you to choose the method of payment for your convenience.

Sell Your Diamond is based in London's famous spot, Hatton Garden. Our team has over 20 years of experience, along with a huge turnover and various business partners. These features allow us to offer you with the expected cash for the wedding ring. Besides, offering amazing deals on old jewellery, we also specialize in the selling of both new and used-jewellery. Meaning, you can not only sell your wedding rings for instant cash but invest in new pieces so you can start your life all over again, with the fine jewellery by your side.

And we know that if someone wants to sell the jewellery urgently, then he/she is in need of instant cash. So, you can expect to leave our office with cash in your hand immediately after selling the jewellery, or you can request a bank transfer for a hassle-free transaction.

Right from a diamond with GIA, IGI and HRD certification to precious metals, we buy anything and everything. So, book an appointment with Sell Your Diamond to inspect the resale value of your old yet priced jewellery pieces.



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