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Once a divorce is finalized, wedding rings are the least important things in people's life. However, not everyone has a similar feeling while departing their ways from the wedding ring. Some tend to redesign the ring; some give away their ring to the ex-spouse, and others sell wedding ring after divorce.

But no matter what your expectations are with the ring, if you are out to sell your wedding rings for instant cash, then you have to make sure that you receive the best deal out of it. And one of the best ways to gain better deals is by working with us. At Sell Your Diamond, we understand the emotions and sentiments attached to the wedding and engagement rings. And that is why we strive our best to offer you a safe space while buying your wedding ring online. We offer same-day services that include everything right from offering 100% Risk-free & fully insured service to high-value appraisals, completing the payment within 12 hours and allowing you to choose the method of payment for your convenience.

Sell Your Diamond is based in London's famous spot, Hatton Garden. Our team has over 20 years of experience, along with a huge turnover and various business partners. These features allow us to offer you with the expected cash for the wedding ring. Besides, offering amazing deals on old jewellery, we also specialize in the selling of both new and used-jewellery. Meaning, you can not only sell your wedding rings for instant cash but invest in new pieces so you can start your life all over again, with the fine jewellery by your side.

And we know that if someone wants to sell the jewellery urgently, then he/she is in need of instant cash. So, you can expect to leave our office with cash in your hand immediately after selling the jewellery, or you can request a bank transfer for a hassle-free transaction.

Right from a diamond with GIA, IGI and HRD certification to precious metals, we buy anything and everything. So, book an appointment with Sell Your Diamond to inspect the resale value of your old yet priced jewellery pieces.



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What can be done with an old ring? This is a common question that comes to the mind of a lot of couples. Apart from selling your wedding ring, there are many other things that you can choose to do.

You can customize your old wedding ring into something different. People of today often look to turn their old wedding jewelry into a new jewelry item after a divorce, such as earrings or a necklace.

Repurposing gemstones is a sustainable and affordable alternative to designing your old wedding ring. Also, resetting an inherited ring is a great way to maintain the family’s history and customs while crafting a design that suits your personality.

If you possess inherited pieces of jewelry made of top-quality materials, you can reset the gemstone into the novel setting and possibly have the metal recast, too. In case you want to reutilize the stones, there are jewelers who will recycle the metal and cut the value from the charge of making a new piece.

The question of who will get the ring after separation is prevalent among couples. Wedding rings have great monetary and sentimental value for a lot of people. The answer is based on when and where the marriage ends.

Due to many reasons, wedding rings are treated another way compared to engagement rings. These reasons include the fact that both spouses generally split the bill of the ring.

The court sees the wedding rings as marital possession in a majority of instances where both parties contributed to buying the rings.

In the state of California, there is no law or court judgment that depicts who gets the ring before marriage. But, there are 3 popular rules that administer who receives the jewelry piece prior to marriage. These include the conditional gift rule, the pre-marriage gift rule, and the fault rule.

No matter if it is a family inheritance or not, the gift is complete. Hence, a prenuptial bond is advised for pairs handling family inheritances.

Many of us might think of selling wedding rings because of several reasons. Maybe they do not want to wear it further as it has turned old and now they want something elegant. They may look to sell their ring for a fair price so they can buy a new ring or any other jewelry item.

Being realistic before selling a wedding ring is very essential. Wedding rings are different from any other jewelry, and it has great importance in an individual’s life. You must ask sensible questions to yourself like: Have you customized it before? What is its condition? Can it be revamped?

While searching for the ideal place to sell your wedding ring, ensure that you visit a trusted buyer or dealer in the city. Choose Sell Your Diamonds if you want to sell your valuables quickly and securely. Fill out a form online to book your slot. In case of any doubt or query, directly get in touch with their expert team.

There are many factors, counting the ring’s condition, central stone, metal, etc., that affect the resale value of a used wedding ring. Therefore, you can anticipate receiving about 20 to 45 percent of the price you paid earlier.

If you own a gold wedding ring, you may end up getting a heavy price within the resale market. The ring’s worth as a whole jewelry item is greater than the value of its materials. This is because it integrates the worth of the work and design entailed for preparing it.

If you have a ring that contains gemstones like diamonds, their resale price will be lower than the retail price of the same gems. The value that you can attain for your stones will be somewhere close to the wholesale rates that jewelers pay to the traders. To assess the value of the diamonds, check the retail values for gems or diamonds of similar size, shade, carat weight, cut quality, and clarity grade.

It is very much possible to sell your wedding ring after a break-off. Selling your wedding ring after getting separated from your partner can help you get rid of the old memories. Do a thorough research if you have finally decided to sell it. Once you are done with the research, make a list of what you have learned during the research. You must also make a list of questions to ask an appraiser. Think about what you will do with the money you will get after selling the ring. Perhaps you want money for buying another jewelry piece or for paying off some debts.

Look for someone who you can trust with full confidence. Finding a trusted buyer to sell your wedding ring is not an easy task. You need to consider a few things before choosing a buyer. The buyer should be someone who doesn’t pressure you, acknowledges your questions, and has excellent past client reviews. If you have an old wedding ring and want to sell it for instant cash, rely on Sell Your Diamonds.

Wedding rings do have a resale value but how much you’ll get in return depends on several factors. If you are looking to sell a diamond wedding ring for money, you must first ensure how the diamond clarity, cut, and color are graded. You also need to ensure how much it weighs. Seek gemstones of the same carat weight, as well as the same cut, colour, and clarity. The retail prices of such gemstones will help you determine the value of your diamond. Gemologists consider gemstones and precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver. And the present market prices will decide the value of the wedding ring.

A diamond certificate is another thing you need to consider when selling your diamond wedding ring. As you purchase the diamond ring from a renowned store, you’ll attain a certification. In case you do not have the certificate, you need to get your diamond ring examined and assessed before selling it.

The answer to this question is yes. Old wedding rings can be sold even if you do not have a gemstone authenticity certification. If you are selling an uncertified diamond wedding ring, you may end up receiving a lesser amount. There are buyers who deal in old, used, second-hand, certified, and uncertified diamond wedding rings.

Sell Your Diamonds is one place that you can decide on to sell your old ring. Working with them can be a great experience. They are one of the most trustworthy diamond dealers in London. They offer free appraisal and shipment, which is simply great. To know in-depth about their services, glance at their official website. Mail your query, or directly get in touch with their expert team.

Sell Your Diamonds is currently a trusted brand in the market with about 20 years of experience in this line. Count on them if you want to achieve the best resale value for your old wedding ring.

You might be curious to know whether a diamond wedding ring increases in value? There is abundant conflicting data available on the internet as to whether diamonds go up in value with time or not.

There are diamonds that don’t go up in value sooner or later. Only a very tiny class of diamonds escalate in value that we’ll talk about later. There is a common misapprehension that diamonds are hard to find and turn out to be worthier after a while. However, most diamonds are not an investment since their resale value is lesser compared to their original value. Actually, while selling a diamond wedding ring, you may end up getting 25-50 percent of its original price.

You need to be aware of the distinction between diamond retail price, resale price, and insurance value.

Retail price is the price you pay for the diamond ring at the jewelry shop. Jewelry shops usually raise the prices to cover their operating expenses and slow-moving inventory. Resale price is what you can sell your diamond wedding ring for on the resale market. Insurance value is the amount that your jewel is insured for.

Compared to the conventional way, selling a diamond wedding ring or any other jewelry item online is easier, and more convenient. While searching for an online platform to sell your diamond wedding ring, you might come across several options to choose from. To have a safe and secure deal online, it is vital to do comprehensive research and count on only trusted buyers.

It can be a little tricky to find a trusted diamond buyer as there are so many options out there.

At, Sell Your Diamonds, we can offer you the most favourable deal on your old jewelry pieces like wedding rings, necklaces, pendants, or engagement rings. We try to give our clients more transparency and satisfaction. We know how tough it can be to sell an old wedding ring. That is the reason our professional appraisers will tell you about the procedure to make sure you feel confident while selling your wedding jewelry piece.

One best way to make some good money is by selling your old jewelry piece. No matter whether you are planning to sell your anniversary ring or not, it is important to know its worth. If you want to determine the actual worth of the ring, you will have to think like an appraiser.

There are a number of things that decide your anniversary ring’s worth. If you need to know its worth, you must reach out to an appraiser. An expert is well-experienced and has the skills to assess the jewelry piece. By getting the jewelry appraised by an experienced appraiser, you will definitely get to know its actual worth.

The type of centre stone that your ring has is also a factor that determines the worth of the jewelry piece. A lot of people believe that diamonds are among the most worthy gemstones. They can go up from 2000 Dollars to 15000 Dollars per carat. However, compared to other gems, white or colourless diamonds have a greater value in the resale market.

When you buy a wedding ring, you often do not consider the life variations that could change the size of your ring or finger. In the end, you need to decide on the size. You do not want to leave any additional space that could cause the ring to fall off.

Also, while someone becomes pregnant and gains some weight, this situation can alter the fitting of the ring. This can give the person the feeling to change the ring, and buy a brand new one. Other than replacing, there are many other things that can be done with an old matching wedding ring.

At times, the most excellent thing to do is find a way to make your old wedding ring into something different. If you want to wear the ring close to your heart, you can prefer repurposing it into a beautiful necklace. If you have a black wedding ring, then it would be perfect for this, particularly while paired with a silver, gold, or rose gold chain. You can even consider passing your old matching wedding rings to your children.

It is quite probable to sell your old wedding ring for a fair price at the second-hand marketplace. There can be several reasons to decide to sell your valuables: separation, inheritance, or an urgent money requirement. But, it is vital to ensure that you attain the correct value in return. Things can become easier and stress-free if you have the backing of a professional or a knowledgeable person.

Frankly speaking, while selling your old wedding ring sets, you can expect to get around 25 to 50 percent of its initial price.

Make your reselling process quick and easy with Sell Your Diamonds, the top diamond dealer in London. At Sell Your Diamonds, we buy various kinds of jewelry items, including diamond wedding rings, engagement rings, GIA certified diamonds, loose diamonds, etc. We have made a great reputation in the market because of our expertise and authenticity. You can connect with us by simply contacting our team or mailing your query

The fashion of diamond eternity rings started in the 1960s. These rings can be recognized by their complete circle of tiny gemstones set into the band. They are generally gifted during big occasions like the birth of a child or the first wedding anniversary.

The notion of an eternity ring with a chain of tiny gems was intended to make it distinct from the bigger gemstones of an engagement ring. You can wear the eternity ring in place of an engagement or wedding ring, or along with them.

Want to sell your old eternity rings? Then look for the best online buying and selling platforms. Selling eternity rings is now a trouble-free process, credits to Sell Your Diamonds, the best online jewelry buyers in London. Whether it is a round cut or a princess cut stones, we accept all styles. Get in touch with our expert team if you have any doubts or questions regarding our services. Go through our official site to learn more about us.

You may possess a vintage or used diamond ring but don’t know what can be done with it. There are many things that make vintage diamond rings different from the new diamond rings. The diamonds of a vintage ring were cut in a different way and are very hard to find today. While we discuss what can be done with used diamond rings, you have several options.

You may want to make the most of your used wedding ring depending on the diamond quality and its significance to you. Old or used diamond jewelry can be turned into a bracelet. A bracelet can be a great option to consider, and it will always remain in fashion. Many women prefer wearing a stylish diamond necklace around their neck that acts as a great add-on to their beauty.

Hair clips and pins are also coming into fashion. It is an excellent way to put some sparkle and zing into an old diamond. You can wear a diamond pin with a blazer, or sweater, and you can wear a hair clip for tying up your curls in several diverse ways.

Where can you sell your precious gemstones in London? Sell Your Diamonds can be a great place to sell loose diamonds, engagement rings, wedding rings, and many other jewelry items. We deal in old diamond wedding rings, no matter if they are GIA certified or not. Connect with our team if you want to get your old wedding jewelry assessed. Reach out to us if you want to sell your wedding ring in London for instant cash. By working with one of the most reputable diamond buyers, you’ll receive the best possible value for your precious stones.

Apart from certified diamond dealers, we deal in uncertified diamonds, too. As we deal in diamonds without certification, it is harder to offer you a price evaluation without observing the gemstone. But, if you know the 4 Cs of your diamond or have an appraisal, do inform us, and we’ll offer an evaluation before coming in.

Gold never goes down in value. In general, the prices of gold jewelry pieces are figured out on the grounds of several aspects. These include current gold rates as per GST, making charges, gold weight, and purity. A vast majority of jewelers employ the following formula to gauge the gold jewelry prices: Final Gold Jewelry price = Gold Rate x Weight of Gold (in grams) + Making Charges + GST (Making Charges + Jewellery Price).

In case you are looking to sell your gold ornaments online, you can expect to get around 60 to 80 percent of the current gold price.

You have to keep in mind a lot of things while making a purchase for a gold item. As you step inside the jewelry store, you’ll encounter many standardized and non-standardized gold items. The gold items that are non-standardized do not guarantee buyers the pureness of their gold content. Whereas standardized gold items confirm the pureness of the gold. If you are looking to purchase gold for long-term investment, then purchase high-quality gold jewelry with a hallmark.

If you are new in the market, then it won’t be easy for you to estimate your diamond jewelry. You would need the assistance of different experts for assessing your diamonds on the basis of their cut grade, carat weight, purity, etc. Our experts at Sell Your Diamonds have years of experience in this domain of dealing in jewelry items. Every member of our team has gone through vigorous training and various examinations before they actually handle clients.

You, as a seller, may face difficulty in starting when you need to seek a trusted buyer for your wedding ring. We, at Sell Your Diamonds, can pay you the best price for your valuables. We also make sure that you attain a fair amount for your precious stones in a cheque, cash, or bank transfer. Selling your old wedding ring at Sell Your Diamonds can be very convenient and saves your valuable time, too.

Seeking the ideal place to sell your wedding bands means finding a buyer or dealer who can provide you with a sleek and easy transaction as you need a way to sell your valuables. Not all companies or buyers have the essential skills to precisely find out the ideal way to assist you in selling your wedding band.

Selling wedding bands or any wedding jewelry is identical to any other procedure that needs skill and expertise from the buyer’s side. Since selling wedding jewelry items has become so easy, it is still important to do deep research before choosing a company or a buyer.

Sell Your Diamonds is a recommended place that you can choose to sell your wedding jewelry. We work with full transparency, and focus on client satisfaction. By working with Sell Your Diamonds, you can enjoy a seamless assessment and resale process. Check out our website, and fill-up the form if you want to make an appointment with us.

It is not an easy task to sell your diamond wedding band in London. Most of us do not have a clear idea about the 4 Cs, purity, size, and quality of their diamond. Thus, it is better to take your diamond to an expert appraiser. As you know your ring, you are all set to head to the second-hand market and get a fair deal.

If you know a company that deals in jewelry items like wedding bands and offers instant money, reach out to them. There are people who approach private buyers to sell their diamond wedding bands. You are most likely to achieve a good deal if you sell your wedding band to a private buyer. However, there are safety risks involved, and the process can be very time-consuming.

Selling your diamond wedding bands or any other wedding jewelry piece to online buyers like Sell Your Diamonds would be very beneficial. They are the safest alternative you can prefer. You can have a seamless experience by working with Sell Your Diamonds.

Gold wedding band symbolizes everlasting love and a piece of art selected to flaunt in front of others. All brides across the world desire to wear a wedding band for a lifetime. Since you’ve perhaps desired, a majority of folks consider the ring design, the kind of gold utilized to create, and whether the ring consists of a gemstone.

Selecting a rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold is a custom. But, you need to check other essential things, such as the gold content that a specific piece has.

The prevailing gold price is one of the many factors that decide the resale value of your gold wedding band. The other factors include the purity of the gold, and the weight of your wedding band.

In general, if you are selling your old wedding band, you may get up to 85 percent of its original price. Let us say that you have a gold wedding band that you initially purchased for150 Dollars. Now you want to sell it. You can get up to 127.53 Dollars in the resale market for the gold item.

A divorce or separation is a big situation in your life. The last memento of your married life you are left with is your wedding ring. You can either pass it down to your children or just sell it for money. There are also many other things that can be done with an old wedding ring.

Beginning a new life after getting separated from your spouse can be expensive. However, that is the price you pay for your independence. If all your money has gone in the lawyer’s fees, sell the wedding ring and make the most of it to begin a new chapter. You can even donate the amount you got after selling the ring if you do not need the money.

If your ring does not excite you anymore, but you do not want to sell it, consider repurposing it. At present, it is very prevalent for people to transform their wedding rings into something new. You can prefer converting the ring into charming earrings or a necklace.

A wedding ring symbolizes a pair’s promise to marry. Thus, the ring might carry great importance for both persons. However, at the time of separation, the partners usually think about who will be possessing the ring following the divorce. If the pair have just been together for a short period, the wedding ring and engagement ring might be among their most worthy possessions.

There were instances where courts have considered these rings as gifts. It means that the one who gifted the ring doesn’t belong to him/her any longer.

There are some states where wedding and engagement rings are viewed as conditional gifts. A conditional gift means a gift given to a person only if that person complies with a certain condition decided upon by the pair.

For example, while a man gifts an engagement ring to a woman on the vow to get married. The engagement breaks up; hence, the condition of marriage did not ensue, and the ring might be given back to the man.