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Jewellery designs change every season, the trend of new designs flourishes every next day in the jewellery store. So, it is common for one to buy new jewellery pieces and sell used jewellery. However, buying new jewellery altogether isn't cheap, and that is why many people sell old jewellery online and then proceed to buy another.

We at Sell Your Jewellery, hold great expertise in the jewellery and diamond industry. We understand the customer's need, and that is why we strive to become the best place to sell jewellery so that the customers gain maximum profit from their old yet priced possession.

Every diamond's worth is based on its features such as Colour, Carat, Clarity and Cut. So, we make sure to determine these features of your old diamond jewellery if it doesn't have the certificate. Once the evaluation is done by our expert gemologists, we proceed with providing you with the proper estimated cash for jewellery. If you accept our offer, you can leave our office with immediate payout in your hand.

And in case, if you want to sell jewellery for cash online, then you can use our secured postal service. Through this service, you can send us the quote request to identify the diamond's value by filling a simple form available on our website. We will then proceed with sending you a fully insured diamond pack; you can use this pack to put your precious jewellery and send it through the post. On receiving the package, we will give you a call for the confirmation and with an estimated value. Once you accept the offer, we will proceed with sending the said amount within 12 hours or the same day.

We assure you of no delays from our end, but if there are any delays in the process, we will make sure to contact you for the same. However, in case, if you did not accept the offer, we will send back your package through Royal Mail.

So, if you think working with us to obtain cash for gold jewellery is the sound decision, then book an appointment with us now!



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This necklace's importance and meaning may have been anything - a gift, a status symbol, or simply gorgeous decor. Jewelry has helped people in expressing their individuality, affection for their partners, and friendship.

Enjoying beautiful things, expressing oneself, making fashion statements, and passing jewelry pieces down to our ancestors as collections are all hard-wired into our human experiences. Thus, if you are looking to sell your jewellery, you must visit SellYourDiamonds. They will guide you in selling your jewellery at affordable rates or at amazing deals.

Steps To Sell Your Jewellery Online:

1. The foremost step is to gather information from all the online jewellery stores. It may include the market value of your jewellery and deals or offers.

2. After that, you must build your feature wishlist, which includes the features of the different websites, and then select which will be best suited for you.

3. The third step will consist of looking at the reviews of feedback on the website. This will give a clear idea about if the website is authentic or not.

4. Moreover, the last step includes contacting the website customer services. While talking to them, you can know about their services and how you can sell your jewellery to them.

While selling your jewelry online, you can have different types of payment methods, and thus, it also varies from business to business. So, if you are looking to sell your jewellery at market value, then you may choose SellYourDiamonds. Thus, we have all types of payment methods available for you. In addition, some of the commonly available payment methods are:

1. Credit/Debit Card Payments

Card payments are one of the most extensively utilized and preferred means of payment, not only in India but around the world. Merchants can reach out to an international market by offering payment acceptance via cards as a global payment option.

2. Prepaid Card Payments

Virtual cash is kept on prepaid cards. Despite their low adoption rate, prepaid cards are slowly becoming popular for some specialist sectors.

3. E-Wallets

Both merchants and customers must sign up for E-Wallets. They can withdraw or deposit money after setting up an e-wallet account and linking it to their bank account.

4. Cash

For tangible items and cash-on-delivery transactions, cash is frequently used. It does, however, come with a number of hazards, including no certainty of a sale during delivery and theft.

5. Mobile Payments

Customers nowadays usually use digital payment methods. In this method, users are just required to download the payment software and connect it with your credit card. After that you will have to do mobile payment.

Selling your jewelry online needs to be done carefully. It is to ensure that all delivery confirmations and shipments are appropriately made with the confirmation signature. Thus, selling jewellery online is completely safe only if you choose a reputable buyer. In addition, SellYourDiamond is one of the reputable and authentic online buyers. You cal sell your jewellery with us without any worries.

Moreover, every day, thousands of people choose to sell their jewelry online in order to receive more offers than they would if they were sold locally. Thus, the following are some of the traits that one should look for while selecting a reputable buyer online.

1. Customer Reviews

Before interacting with any buyer, study their reviews to determine whether past customers had a good experience selling to them or not.

2. Expertise

Experienced jewelry buyers are well-versed in the nuances of the second-hand market and can accurately appraise your items.

3. No Hidden Fees

There should be no hidden charges that reduce the value of your final offer. Some jewelry purchasers will supply you with a misleading final offer, only later deduct hidden fees and commissions from your offer.

4. Secure Shipping

Before selling your jewelry online, ensure that the purchaser is authentic and it has secured or free mailing services.

You should anticipate reselling your diamond for 25 percent to 50 percent less than what you paid for it. However, there are certain exceptions: if the diamond shape is extremely distinctive or the diamond color is extremely uncommon, you do not need to reduce the price significantly. Negotiating the contract, on the other hand, necessitates people's abilities.

It's just as crucial where you acquire the diamond as it is where you sell it. Because huge brands invest their reputation and marketing dollars into the diamond's value. Thus, SellYourDiamond will always buy your diamonds while providing distinct offers. If you try to sell the diamond on the market, you're likely to lose between 25% and 50% of its cost value. So, selling your diamonds online is the best approach to get the money within the actual market value.

However, before selling your diamonds, you must make sure about the 4Cs of diamonds. It is color, carat, cut, and clarity. Thus, one of the most important factors to remember before selling is determining the right time and value of reselling diamond jewelry. Hence, the reselling value of diamond jewelry will depend on the quality of your diamond. So, make sure the diamond quality is worth selling.

There is no need to make an appointment to sell your jewellery online. You can simply check the website reviews and their authenticity, or you can contact them. With SellYourDiamond, you can sell your diamonds without making appointments. As we are reputable online jewelry buyers, we will make sure to provide the best selling experience to you.

Moreover, there are some online jewelry buyers from whom you may require to make an appointment before selling. Thus, with the appointment, the buyer will tell you about the diamond’s market value and the cost, they are most likely to buy your diamonds. Other than this, you may contact them via a call to know their policies or secured services. So, after contacting you will be to get the offer and then if you want to book an appointment with them. Thus, you can easily receive your payment immediately after the appointment.

There are many sling options available online to sell your used diamond jewellery. However, SellYourDiamond is one of the best platforms where you can sell your used diamond jewelleries without any complications. Thus, your diamond value also plays a crucial role when it comes to selling. The value may vary in shape, size, and carats. Also, make sure to sell your used diamonds which can provide a secure and fastest money-back option.

Other than this, it is a good idea to sell your diamonds to a reputable buyer. Thus, below are some of the methods to sell your diamond jewellery.

  • Search for a trusted diamond buyer online. These types of buyers will buy your jewellery under the actual market price.
  • Earlier, if you have bought your diamond online, then selling it back to them will give you the best possible value.
  • Review the online website where you decided to sell your used diamond jewellery. It is important to know whether the buyer is reputed or not.

Yes, you can get the money for your old diamond jewelry. But make sure your jewellery is worth selling. Thus, if you are looking to sell your diamonds online, then you may consider SellYourDiamonds, an online platform that provides faster and safer ways to sell your diamonds. In addition, you will get the actual market price for your diamonds.

Moreover, the selling process is simple and straightforward. The first step includes the completion of the online valuation form. After that, another step includes receiving your initial valuation via email or phone. Following that, the third step includes shipping your old diamond jewelry with us. Also, we don’t take any shipping charges. The fourth step includes the expert evaluation of your old diamond jewellery. One of our team members will contact you and ask about your jewelry quality. And the last step is to get your offer.

Hence, you can easily get the money for your old diamond jewelry with us. Also, if you want, you can also contact our customer services in order to get guidance for the selling process or solutions for any queries.

There are plenty of ways to sell old gold jewellery to a reputable buyer online. Thus, if you are expecting to have instant cashback for your gold jewellery, then you must visit SellYour Diamond. It is an online buyers platform that purchases all types of jewelry and provides instant cashback for your old gold jewelry.

Moreover, before selling your old gold jewelry, you must do intensive research on the buyer. It may include the following tips.

  • Get your gold appraised before selling it, so you know how much you have.
  • Do your research properly. Find 5–6 gold buyers online. Check out their websites to see whether they're reliable. What about the reviews on Google? What about Facebook reviews?
  • Once you've decided where you want to sell your gold, give them a call and tell them how much you have and what amount you're willing to pay.
  • If you like the price, go ahead and sell it, or keep searching since you didn't get the most money for your gold.

Are you thinking of selling your jewellery for more money? But unable to find the best buyer online that will buy your jewelry for the most cash. Thus, a buyer must be reputed, trustable, and authentic. One of the best online buyers in the market is SellYourDiamond. Here, you can have quick, safe, and fair-priced services.

Moreover, before selling your jewellery, you must know the quality of your jewellery. It is important because the buyer will first ask or evaluate your jewelry. Another thing you can look for is the buyer's website reviews or feedback. However, you must consider different online buyers and know what money they are providing for your jewellery. After that, compare all the buyers' cashback offers and then decide which one is providing the most money for your jewelry.

However, it is also true that the selling process may take several weeks in order to complete the shipping, appraisal, and payment process. Thus, your main aim should stick to the point that you get the most money for your jewellery.

Getting ripped off while selling your jewellery online is easy. Thus, if you follow the below steps, you will never get ripped off while selling your jewellery.

1. Online buyers are many but finding the one which is reputed, trustworthy, and authentic is difficult. So, always remember to look for the online buyer by reading their website’s reviews or feedback. One of the best-known websites that are reputed and authentic is SellYourDiamond.

2. Another step is to see whether the buyer has a permanent location or address. Thus, for that, take their address and visit their place to get assured. Just making a call is not enough. You must do more profound research.

3. With the emergence of technology, you can use the latest technology to identify the best buyer online. Using different online portals can tell you about the best buyer to sell jewelry online.

4. During the call, you may ask about your queries and the process of selling the jewelry. If their customer services are better, then you may choose that online buyer. Thus, remember they provide the actual market value for your jewellery.

To get instant cash for your gold, you must look for a reputable online buyer. Thus, a genuine buyer will always ask for the original bill of your jewellery before you sell it to them. It is also essential as it will give the buyer a clear idea about the quality of the jewelry. In addition, you must also ensure that your jewellery is worth buying and meets the 4C criteria.

Moreover, double-check that your jewelry contains the hallmark, which tells about its originality. Following that, you should find the online buyer which is providing the best money back for your jewelry. Then, tel, about the quality of jewelry to them on call and other related queries answered. This stage is known as the evaluation stage. It will help the buyer to know more about the jewelry.

Hence, if you are sure about the online buyer, you may step forward to sell your jewellery to them. You can also ask about the whole process from them or visit their website to know the process of selling online. At last, prepare for all the required arrangements. So, if you want to sell your jewellery for instant cash, then visit SellYourDiamond.

Diamond jewelry is an important part of someone's life. So, if you are looking to sell them, visit SellYourDiamond as we will provide the best market value for your diamond. But before that, you would like to know about the diamond jewelry’s worth. So, the diamond resale value will always be less than what you paid at starting to buy it. There are plenty of reasons to explain this. One of the reasons is how you want to sell your diamond.

Another reason that it covers is that from where you brought your diamond jewelry. Other than this, how much does it cost at the time of purchasing, and where are you selecting to sell your diamond. Thus, diamond jewellery is worth selling online. Moreover, with time, the worth of diamonds also increases, or sometimes it may decrease. So, if you buy diamonds at the highest price, you will get the most of the money on reselling them.

To get the most cash for gold near you, search for an authentic buyer online. Thus, if you sell to SellYourDiamonds, you can get the best price for it. Also, you will be able to get instant cash for your gold jewellery. However, we know finding a true and legit gold buyer is difficult.

The fastest way to sell your gold for the best price is to use SellYourDiamond, which will send you a mailer, offer you an email quote, and pay you within 24 hours. SellYourDiamond will also purchase other items in your jewellery box, such as a ring's necklaces. If you have gold, we will purchase it and pay you the current market value of your gold jewellery.

People who wished to sell a gold ring or other jewels used to go to a trustworthy local jeweller, get a few bids from different places, and then choose the best offer. You can still do it today, but there are more convenient alternatives to acquire the greatest price for your gold. It will require selling it to a reputable online gold jewelry buyer like SellYourDiamond, for example, who will give you a quick estimate. It has an A+ rating and will pay you within 24 hours of receiving your merchandise.

It is not easy to calculate the value of gold jewellery. This is because it requires a proper evaluation of the jewellery that can be perfectly done by a jeweller. Moreover, SellYourDiamond has the best jeweller. So, you can contact them to know the value of your gold jewellery.

Furthermore, the process of calculating gold jewellery is simple and affordable. It requires three important steps. These are:

  • Check for purity at a gold laboratory or assaying facility.
  • The lab will provide you with a test report that details the exact weight of the sample as well as its purity in percentages or karats.
  • If you're going to use the carat purity scale, then you can use the below formula:
  • Value of gold in the sample= (Weight of gold x Purity of gold x Rate of gold today)/24

  • For percentage purity,
  • Value of Gold in the sample = (Weight of Gold x Purity of Gold x Rate of Gold today)/100

Your jewellery collection is as one-of-a-kind as you. Investing in perfect jewellery is similar to purchasing a magnificent work of art. It is possible to enjoy it without jeopardizing its worth. You might want to go through your jewellery box and clear it out. You must first grasp the quality and durability of exquisite jewellery before investing in it. That alone qualifies it as a worthwhile purchase.

The durability of jewellery is determined by a number of elements, the most important of which are the materials used in its creation. Most jewellery, on the other hand, retains its worth. If you ever wish to resell your jewellery, SellYourDiamond ensures that it will be valued and profitable. Moreover, below is the list of jewelleries that have the best resale value.

  • Vintage Jewellery
  • Gold Jewellery
  • Diamond Jewellery

Your jewellery has intrinsic value that money cannot buy, regardless of its monetary value. The piece is a representation of a moment in time that you will remember for the rest of your life.

The first step in valuing diamonds is to determine their quality level. Thus, it will serve as the foundation for determining their retail market price as part of new jewellery, as well as their resale value as used stones. However, diamond jewellery usually depends on three factors: quality, market value, and resale value.

Color, clarity, cut, and carat are the four key quality factors that influence the value of a diamond. When a diamond comes with a certificate that assigns values and grades to these characteristics, evaluating the stone's quality and comparing it to other stones becomes quite simple.

As a result, determining a diamond's quality grades should be the first step in determining its worth. If the diamond is not certified, you can have its quality assessed by a gem lab such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the AGS (American Gem Society). They can even charge a fee and produce a grading report. Hence, the easiest technique to determine a diamond's market value is to compare the prices of other stones of similar carat weight, clarity, cut, and color grading.

To be clear, the 'breaking' costs on jewellery reduce the resale value of gold. Gold does not generate current income in the form of dividends or rentals, as it does in the case of stocks and real estate, where investors can reap regular returns without having to sell their assets.

Because gold's price rises in response to circumstances that cause the value of paper investments, such as stocks and bonds, to fall, it should be a key component of a well-diversified investment portfolio. Although the price of gold fluctuates in the short term, it has always held its worth in the long run. Moreover, it has worked as a buffer against inflation and the depreciation of major currencies over the years. Thus, making it a worthwhile investment. However, there are 5 reasons that tell why gold jewellery resale value decreases with time.

1. Inflation hedge

2. Deflation protection

3. Supply constraints

4. Increasing demand

5. Portfolio diversification

Gold has always been regarded as a unique and expensive metal. It can now be used as a hedge against both inflation and deflation, and also a diversified portfolio. Hence, gold can give financial security during times of geopolitical and macroeconomic turmoil since it is a global store of value.

If you have no emotional tie to a piece and simply want to obtain cash for it, selling it to an online jewel buyer is your best option. If they believe they can sell the item in their showcase, they will make you an offer based on their estimate of how much they can sell it for.

Before determining where to sell your jewellery, it's critical to determine its worth. If you think the piece will sell for more in an online store, you'll probably get a better deal from your unwanted jewellery. Having said that, you should still shop to find which place offers the greatest deal. Moreover, SellYourDiamond will buy your unwanted jewellery at the actual market price. So, you don’t need to worry about where to sell them.

Consider exchanging your item for shop credit if you want to get the most out of your sale. The majority of places will make you a trade-in credit offer that is slightly higher than their cash offer. This is a terrific method to keep your jewellery collection fresh by recycling the pieces you don't wear very often.

Jewelry appears to be in high demand all of the time. Is it possible for you to benefit from it? So, if you follow the step-by-step method, it will help in making money selling jewellery. The sky's the limit when it comes to selling something online. Many platforms and marketplaces have made it possible for ordinary people to begin selling items from the comfort of their own homes. Thus, one of the most appreciated and reputed online buyers is SellYourDiamond.

Jewelry is the most important part of an individual life which never goes out of style. It is famous among men and women of all ages, and many developing trends can be seen in them. Customers who wish to buy jewellery will almost always be present. After all, it's a multibillion-dollar market, people will easily integrate the market via online. Inventory, a website to promote your products, and a delivery/payment mechanism are all you need.

Here are some reasons why you should sell jewellery online to gain money:

  • Setting up an online store is simple.
  • Jewelry is a product with a wide range of applications (earrings, necklaces, wristwatches, bracelets, pendants, rings, etc.).
  • Precious jewellery retains its worth over time and can be resold.
  • Depending on what you're selling, the profit margins can be enormous.
  • The shipping process is simple and safe.
  • An internet store is simple to run.

Do you want to sell jewellery on the internet? We understand that if this is your first time, it may seem intimidating. However, selling jewellery to an online buyer is completely safe. As long as you engage with a reputable jewellery buyer like SellYourDiamond.

When it comes to selling your fine jewellery, you have a lot of options. Online diamond purchasers, jewellery retailers, platforms like eBay or Craigslist, and pawn businesses are all options. The trick, like with any internet purchase, is to do your research and only work with reliable companies.

Selling your jewellery online is completely secure as long as you work with a reputable and trustworthy buyer. There are some considerations to take while selling any expensive products online. As a result, we'll provide our top ten suggestions for safely selling jewellery online:

  • Better Business Bureau Rated
  • Check Feedback Or Reviews
  • Provides Free Initial Valuation
  • Fast Services
  • Secure
  • No Fees
  • Provides Free Insurance
  • Diamond And Gold Experts
  • Appointments Available
  • History

You likely think of going to a pawn shop or a local jeweller when you want to sell your diamonds for cash. This appears to be a simple and uncomplicated alternative, right? After all, where would you go if not here? You may sell your diamond jewellery in a variety of methods, and believe it or not, you can get a better price elsewhere.

Although you may be inclined to go to your neighborhood jeweller, keep in mind that, as reliable as they are, they have a business to run. The possibility of receiving a high offer from your local jeweller is entirely based on market conditions and the popularity of your jewellery type at any given time.

A single buyer's purchasing power is limited, especially if he or she is in the jewellery business. When selling to a local jeweller, and even more so when selling to a local pawn shop, you are likely to lose money.

However, if you don’t want to lose money for your diamond jewellery, then you must sell them to a reliable online buyer. Unlike working with a single seller, when you deal with SellYourDiamond, you can receive offers from a variety of buyers, all of whom will bid for your diamond in our diamond auction. So, if you're looking for online diamond buyers or jewellers, know that SellYourDiamond is always available for your services.

Scrap metal is defined as any object, equipment, or device that is broken or no longer serviceable but contains valuable metals, for which many recycling centers and junkyards will pay a premium. However, the best way to sell scrap metal is to first determine its value. You can either contact SellYourDiamond or calculate the value on your own. Thus, below are some of the tips to get the best value for scrap metals.

  • Check the current pricing for the metals you wish to sell in your vicinity whenever you're ready to cash in on your scrap metal. This can assist you in identifying and avoiding facilities that may not pay as much for your materials as others.
  • Varying scrap yards may charge higher rates for scrap metal. Call out to several scrap metal yards in your place to check out what their going rates are so you can choose the one that will offer you the most.
  • Scrap metal yards normally have some pricing flexibility, but whether or not you can persuade them to give you a higher going rate than their competitors depends in part on how the facility perceives you.
  • For bigger quantities of metal, several scrap yards offer better prices. You will optimize your earnings if you can wait until you have as much metal as you can tote before selling it.