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Jewellery designs change every season, the trend of new designs flourishes every next day in the jewellery store. So, it is common for one to buy new jewellery pieces and sell used jewellery. However, buying new jewellery altogether isn't cheap, and that is why many people sell old jewellery online and then proceed to buy another.

We at Sell Your Jewellery, hold great expertise in the jewellery and diamond industry. We understand the customer's need, and that is why we strive to become the best place to sell jewellery so that the customers gain maximum profit from their old yet priced possession.

Every diamond's worth is based on its features such as Colour, Carat, Clarity and Cut. So, we make sure to determine these features of your old diamond jewellery if it doesn't have the certificate. Once the evaluation is done by our expert gemologists, we proceed with providing you with the proper estimated cash for jewellery. If you accept our offer, you can leave our office with immediate payout in your hand.

And in case, if you want to sell jewellery for cash online, then you can use our secured postal service. Through this service, you can send us the quote request to identify the diamond's value by filling a simple form available on our website. We will then proceed with sending you a fully insured diamond pack; you can use this pack to put your precious jewellery and send it through the post. On receiving the package, we will give you a call for the confirmation and with an estimated value. Once you accept the offer, we will proceed with sending the said amount within 12 hours or the same day.

We assure you of no delays from our end, but if there are any delays in the process, we will make sure to contact you for the same. However, in case, if you did not accept the offer, we will send back your package through Royal Mail.

So, if you think working with us to obtain cash for gold jewellery is the sound decision, then book an appointment with us now!



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