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Sell Loose Diamonds

Are you tired of searching about how to sell loose diamonds online without any luck so far? This might be just the ideal place. At Sell Your Diamond, you are greeted with a team of diamond experts who make it possible to sell loose diamonds at the best price and in quick time

We do not charge any extra fees or commission for the loose diamond or diamond jewellery. Our process of buying your loose diamonds and selling it conveniently is quite streamlined; you can expect the whole process from the start to the end payout to be completed within 24 hours or the same day.

Our GIA trained gemologists will help you with the high-value appraisals so that you can get the best value the market has to offer. We organize both in-person and online buying process so that you can sell old diamonds online or offline hassle-free. Our state-of-the-art process ensures that everything is taken care with great accuracy.

We are your best place to sell loose diamonds because we buy HRD, IGI and GIA certified diamonds. All you need to provide us is the certificate number so that we can use it to send you the best quote possible.

And don't worry, if you don't have the diamond certificate, and then let us know because we buy non-certified diamonds too. We will inspect the diamond's features like clarity, colour, cut and carat to identify the precise quote and offer you the approximate cash for loose diamonds. But in such cases, you will require visiting our Hatton garden office, so the gemologists can analyze and assess the diamond while you are still on the premises with us. This way, you will know that your diamond was thoroughly inspected before the offer was made.

When it comes to services, you will be 100% satisfied with what you get from us. So, if you wish to sell or purchase diamond jewellery, then book an appointment with Sell Your Diamond, we will help you with the best deals on your loose and old diamonds that the market has to offer.



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Diamonds are not just very tough and long-lasting; they are attractively charming and are available in various shapes, colours, designs, and sizes. These gemstones mean a lot to you and are an investment. While you initially bought the loose diamonds, you invested a big amount of cash at that time.

Large-sized loose diamonds are greatly valued by lots of diamond dealers who are part of the industry. A lot of newly mined stones are disfigured by political quarrels or are linked to environmental damage. Irrespective of these issues, the demand for loose diamonds is still high.

It would be good to sell your loose diamonds at Sell Your Diamonds, the most reputed diamond buyers in the UK. We at Sell Your Diamonds will work with complete transparency; thus, you can put your trust in us. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We understand the value of your time; therefore, we have kept our process simple and trouble-free.

Do you know how to estimate the value of your loose diamonds? The actual value of your gemstones is determined by various factors that include the diamond cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. The fewer the imperfections, the more the worth of the stone would be. Moreover, white or colourless diamonds have greater value compared to other fancy-coloured diamonds. Yellowish diamonds fall in the category of fancy-coloured diamonds.

While discussing diamond colour, the most vital factor is actually the lack of shade. The colour of the diamond is the natural warmth that usually comes about in these precious stones.

As your stones come to our offices, we, Sell Your Diamonds, will carry out an expert assessment and make you an offer to buy your diamond jewelry. The value of your stones will be within the cost stated if the stone isn’t broken or in bad condition.

We deal in all shapes of diamonds, be it an oval diamond, round diamond, cushion diamond, pear diamond, or heart diamond.

Planning to sell your precious stones to make some money out of it? You can hit upon numerous options online to sell diamond items. To find the ideal place to sell your diamonds, you can make a list of several options and compare each other on the basis of the value they offer. Before selling your stones, you must ensure that you hold all the necessary certificates like GIA certification. This certificate proves the quality and durability of your diamonds. Furthermore, it is crucial to be aware of the 4Cs: carat, colour, cut, and clarity.

Sell Your Diamonds is a recommended place to put your stones on sale. Irrespective of what type of diamond jewelry you have, be it a diamond ring, or diamond bracelet, we deal in everything. With our assistance, you can have your diamond jewelry or loose diamonds sold quickly and securely.

We have been working for several years in this business and are among the top diamond dealers in London, UK.

For several reasons, people sell their wedding jewelry, like a diamond wedding ring or engagement ring. They often ask how much money they can make by selling their diamond jewelry. If you have diamond jewelry and don’t want to keep it anymore, you can search for dealers or buyers. But, expect to get less than what you paid initially.

It is an infrequent instance where a particularly gorgeous-looking diamond item or a special diamond rises in worth with time. Celebrities or famous persons have these special diamonds. If you purchased diamond jewelry or loose diamonds from a local jewelry shop or via digital platforms, it’ll without doubt decrease in value.

A lot of folks who look to sell a stone are gravely dissatisfied by the cash amount they receive in the end. This is somewhat because of a lack of knowledge regarding the retail jewelry trade procedure and somewhat because of some romantic misunderstandings regarding the actual value of stones.

Want quick cash by selling your precious stones? Then count on online platforms like Sell Your Diamonds and know the real worth of your diamond jewelry.