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We make sure to offer our clients with the finest advice possible; if you think you aren't receiving expected benefit when you value your diamonds to us, then we will happily assist you towards the appropriate direction so that you achieve higher price as per your requirement.

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You can visit our Sell Your Diamond's Hatton Garden office by making an appointment and receive the payout immediately on accepting the offer. Or you can make a deal with us online in three easy steps. First, request for the quote; second, send us your diamond so that we can offer you the elite deals and third, get paid the expected amount within 12 hours.

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One of the most trustworthy diamond dealers, Sell Your Diamonds can be a great option to sell your precious stones and get a fair amount. It has never been too simple to sell a diamond item or loose diamonds. At Sell Your Diamonds, we offer our clients a friendly and helpful service.

We have been in the diamond business for over 2 decades, which is why most people rely on our services. We deal in both GIA certified and non-certified diamonds. If you have the certificate, you just have to provide the certificate number, and we can employ those details to send an estimate to you. Selling your stones to us can get you the best price. Also, you’ll get the payment right away, either through bank transfer or cash. Customer satisfaction and providing quality services are our main priorities.

You can schedule your appointment for any day of the week. We are available from Monday to Sunday between 9:30 to 6 PM.

The short answer to this question is no. If you plan to sell your gemstones in the market, be ready to lose big amount of its entire retail value. Diamond's resale value certainly depends on various things and doesn’t simply vary like gold price. In general, you must anticipate selling your diamond ring or necklace at a lower price than the price you’ve paid for it initially.

In case you wish to sell it, you have to pay less than wholesale as the purchaser is taking on a capital risk. Thus, there is no arguing that diamonds are anything but a significant investment.

The resale value of a diamond is greatly determined by the 4 Cs and subtle information that a layperson might neglect. If you want to resell your diamond engagement ring, you must set:

Sensible price goals for your diamond

Look for a reputable buyer

Know the factors determining its actual worth

Ensure that you are emotionally ready to sell it.

Want to sell your diamonds but not certain how to get started? The optimal way to put your diamonds on sale depends on your objective. Are you looking to make some profit out of those gemstones? Do you need instant cash for your diamonds? You can find numerous options to sell your diamonds. Choosing online jewelers at Sell Your Diamonds can be a really beneficial option.

At Sell Your Diamonds, we buy and sell both loose and mounted diamonds. We have been in the jewelry industry for years and have worked with lots of clients in the past. Sell Your Diamonds can be a reliable place for you to sell your diamonds for instant cash. With the assistance of expert jewelers, you can enjoy the best resale price for your diamond ring, pendant, necklace, or bracelet.

Book your slot with our diamond experts and resale your valuables at the most favorable price rate. Learn in detail about your gemstones from the best diamond professionals at Sell Your Diamonds.

While selling your diamond ring, you need to be aware of the factors that impact the resale value of the diamonds. Selling any piece of jewelry is not easy, mainly if you are selling an engagement ring or a diamond necklace. The factors affecting the resale value of a diamond include cut, colour, clarity, carat weight, quality, setting, etc.

If you have bought your diamond from a well-known retailer, it’ll generally command a greater resale value compared to one from an unfamiliar jeweler. But, bear in mind that the more prominent brands have much greater overhead prices compared to smaller brands. Also, they’ll include these overheads in a much greater markup in the initial deal.

This signifies that you will purchase and sell at a greater price; however, losing more in the resale value. To ensure a smaller margin of loss, if you feel you will want to resell your diamond in the future, count on Sell Your Diamonds. You can have the best diamond selling experience at Sell Your Diamonds as the procedure is very smooth and straightforward.

Prior to purchasing artificial diamonds, let us first have a discussion on their resale price. You might be wondering that if situations lead to reselling your jewelry item, you or your beloved could sell the diamond and get some money in no time.

Nearly every diamond is sold for less than its initial price of purchase. The jewelers can reach out to wholesalers who give lower values on diamonds that seem just like yours. Since diamond merchants usually price diamonds higher for the regular customer, the rate is too high for jewelers who have access to much lower costs. This instance nearly assures that you’ll see your diamond for less than its initial price value.

Since every diamond is different, it is tough to say how much cash you’ll get as you resell. The price rates and appreciation of diamonds vary regardless of the type of diamond you have, be it lab-grown or mined. Sell Your Diamonds can be a helpful option for you if you are looking to sell your diamond jewelry and expect a fair price in return.

You can’t spot the difference between a natural diamond and synthetic diamonds with naked eyes. Natural diamonds consist of small amounts of nitrogen, whereas synthetic or lab diamonds contain no nitrogen. This is among the signifiers that gemologists employ to find out if a diamond is natural or synthetic. The worth of a natural diamond may fluctuate significantly. They are valued on the basis of their cut, colour, carat, and clarity. Diamonds are very pricey even after a discount offer.

Natural diamonds can be resold, but you need to take into account a few things before putting them on sale. If you do not have any certification for your diamonds by GIA, then get that certificate.

Diamonds are the toughest mineral, but there are chances of them getting damaged, too. A diamond bought as faultless could get damaged during daily wear and tear or in inappropriate storage.

Get the right resale value for your natural, earth-produced gemstones at Sell Your Diamonds. Contact us now to get your hands on the best deal.

You must know about the real value of your diamonds before putting them on sale. If you own a colourless or white diamond, you can expect to get a higher value. But what makes these gemstones so valuable? The reason for these diamonds being so expensive and priceless is that they are very rare. Actually, a great majority of diamonds that exist in nature aren’t white or colourless. Therefore, diamonds with yellowish or brownish shades are quite inexpensive.

Since they are hard to find, colourless gemstones aren’t always more worthy than tinted stones. Also, the optimal method to spot that rarity is what makes a certain shade worthy is gazing at the rates of fancy-coloured gemstones. Blue and red coloured diamonds are one of the rarest. Therefore, their value can be much more than a white or colourless gemstone.

Since white diamonds having yellowish shades might be discounted in price, fancy-coloured yellow stones having a solid shade aren’t treated as low-quality diamonds. Moreover, they can be simply as pricey as colourless ones.

Do you want to attain the right value for your sparkling gemstones? Take a glance at the present rates of diamonds. Check out how the diamond pricing process is carried out, learn about new trends, and do a comparison among diamonds of various carats.

Before you go out and purchase a diamond engagement ring, you need to be familiar with the fundamentals of diamond pricing. The value or price of a diamond is determined by numerous factors. On the whole, a diamond is priced on the basis of its rarity and quality. The diamonds that are bigger in size are quite rare. Therefore, the price rises exponentially as you heave in carat weight.

A perfect and colourless stone will be more expensive compared to a stone that has minor flaws. The 4Cs, which include clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight, is a general grading system to find out a diamond’s quality and, lastly, its value. Get some more details on diamond pricing and grading procedure from the experts at Sell Your Diamonds.

Want to put your diamonds on sale online? This may seem tough and complicated if it’s the first occasion. Fortunately, it is absolutely safe and secure to sell your diamond items on online platforms like Sell Your Diamonds.

How can you guarantee that you sell your diamond items on online platforms securely? What measures of safety can you use? It is secure to sell diamonds online as soon as you are working with a reputable and trusted dealer.

The online platforms offer a free initial valuation to the clients. You’ll need to get a price estimation prior to you delivering your jewelry pieces. It’s vital to know the value prior to sending your pieces to the online buyers.

You mustn’t be charged for asking to sell your diamond rings, pendants, necklace, or watch. To get a closing price, you’ll have to send your valuables in or schedule a meeting with a professional. Seek a company that offers free-of-cost shipping and insurance.