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Sell Your Diamond is your one-stop jewellery shop that specializes in both selling and buying your diamond ring online.

We know selling diamond rings, especially engagement or wedding ring isn't the first decision of any person. But sometimes, financial hardships and failed relationships can result in searching for trusted diamond ring buyers. And that is where Sell Your Jewellery comes in? With 20 plus years of experience in diamond and jewellery business, we bring the best offer on the table. Besides, your diamonds, you can also sell your metal rings like- gold, platinum to us and get the best price for it.

We offer friendly and efficient services so that you get only best experiences while you sell your diamond rings for instant cash. Our team of expert gemologist will ensure that every process of selling the jewellery is followed with utmost accuracy so that you can leave our Hatton Garden's office with a huge smile and relevant cash amount.

In case, if you aren't happy with the offer we made in the first place, we are always ready for a second negotiation. But, if the offer doesn't fancy you then we will help you to find the best place to sell a diamond ring as per your needs. However, we are sure, that would be a rare occasion. This is because we have contacts with many businesses as well as have a huge turnover. And this allows us to offer the best deals every time, meaning there are zero chances of you leaving our office without a proper deal.

With Sell Your Diamonds, you can stay confident of receiving the best payout the market has to offer. Our aim of becoming the best place to sell used diamond ring has allowed us to become better with the services we offer.

And trust us; we will never force you to take any quick decision. You can choose what you want from us. We assure, after consulting us; you no longer will require searching for another place to how to sell a diamond ring? So, book an appointment with us to inspect the resale value of your old jewellery.



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You may be prepared to sell your Diamond ring after a separation or split for emotional reasons, or you may just require the funds. Whatever the reason, now is an excellent moment to sell your diamond ring, partly because there are a lot of reputable, trustworthy, and transparent ring purchasers out there who will offer you the most money. So, if you want to sell your diamond ring, you must find a reputed buyer online. Thus, SellYourDiamond is one of the reputed and authentic buyers online.

Moreover, you can follow the below steps or tips to sell your diamond rings for more money.

  • The box, receipt, and any evidence of the quantity and scale of the stones and metal if you have a GIA or other lab report.
  • It's crucial to know how much your ring is worth on the secondary market, as well as the grade and weight of the stones and setting. These facts will be documented in a good jewellery assessment or lab report.
  • Also, you must compare different online buyers' offers and then come to a decision to choose the one that offers the most money.

An individual can find numerous options where you can sell your diamond rings. Thus, always remember to find the online buyer who is reliable, authentic, and offers the actual market value for your old diamond rings. In addition, SellYourDiamond is an online buyer who will purchase your old diamond ring with an exciting offer.

Moreover, the old diamond rings value is based on the 4 factors that are clarity, carat, color, and cut. As a result, when it comes to selling, the worth of your diamond is equally important. Shape, size, and carats may affect the value. Also, consider selling your old diamonds, which can be a safe and quick way to get your money back.

Aside from that, selling your diamonds to a reliable buyer is a fantastic option. As a result, here are a few options for selling your diamond jewellery.

  • On the online platform, look for a reputable diamond buyer. These purchasers will pay less for your jewellery than the market price.
  • If you purchased your diamond online, selling it back to them will provide you with the best potential value.
  • Examine the website where you chose to sell your used diamond jewellery online. It's crucial to determine whether or not the buyer has a good reputation.

We've all been in a scenario where a lovely piece of diamond jewellery is no longer required or simply does not suit our tastes. However, there is always a way out - you can always sell your diamond. The good news is that every piece of diamond jewellery, whether it's a necklace, earrings, or a ring, has a resale value.

To sell your diamond properly, you must first grasp its resale worth and why it is always less than its initial price. For this, you must ask your online buyer to tell you what your diamond rings offer. Based on the quality of the diamond rings, the buyer will offer the price for them. So, make sure to first check the quality of your diamond ring before selling it.

Thus, it will also help you to know the actual value of your diamond ring and no buyer can fraud you with a fake price. Hence, SellYourDiamond will buy your old diamond ring under the actual market value. So, if you want to inquire about the process, you can simply call us or email us.

The price of pure gold is currently at $1250 per ounce. This indicates that 10 karat gold will "scrap" at around $16.35 per gram if you do the calculations. At $23.50 per gram, 14 karat gold will "scrap."

Are you considering selling your jewellery for a higher price? But you can't seem to discover the best internet buyer who will pay the most for your jewels. As a result, a buyer must be well-known, trustworthy, and genuine. SellYourDiamond is one of the greatest online purchasers on the market. You may get rapid, safe, and reasonably priced services here.

Furthermore, you must know the quality of your jewellery before selling it. It's crucial since the buyer will inquire about or analyze your jewellery first. You can also browse for reviews or feedback on the buyer's website. However, you must study various online purchasers and determine how much money they are willing to pay for your jewellery.

Then, analyze all of the purchasers' cashback offers to see which one offers the best value for your jewellery.

However, due to the shipping, appraisal, and payment processes, the selling procedure may take several weeks to complete. As a result, your primary goal should be to acquire the greatest money for your jewellery.

It's just as crucial where you acquire the diamond as it is where you sell it. Because huge brands invest their reputation and marketing dollars into the diamond's value, a branded diamond necklace will always sell for less than its cost price. If you try to sell the diamond on the market, you're likely to lose between 25% and 50% of its cost value.

The resale value of a diamond is determined by a number of factors and does not simply fluctuate like the price of gold. You should anticipate resale your diamond for 25 percent to 50 percent less than what you paid for it.

However, there are certain exceptions: if the diamond shape is extremely distinctive or the diamond color is extremely uncommon, you do not need to reduce the price significantly. Negotiating the contract, on the other hand, necessitates people's abilities. On our website “SellYourdiamond”, you may also go through our selection of gold coins.

It's all too simple to get ripped off when selling jewellery online. As a result, if you follow the methods below, you will never be taken advantage of when selling your jewellery.

There are numerous online purchasers, but finding one that is reputable, trustworthy, and legitimate is tough. Always remember to seek for the internet buyer by reading the reviews or feedback on their website. is one of the most well-known and reliable websites.

Another thing to check is whether the buyer has a permanent address. To do so, collect their address and pay a visit to their location. Making a phone call isn't enough. You should conduct more in-depth research.

With the advancement of technology, you can now use the most up-to-date technology to find the best buyer online. Using various web portals might help you find the finest buyer for your jewellery.

During the conversation, you have the opportunity to ask questions about your concerns as well as the process of selling the item. You may choose that online buyer if their customer service is greater. As a result, keep in mind that they provide the true market worth of your jewellery.

If you try to sell the diamond on the market, you're likely to lose between 25% and 50% of its cost value. The resale value of a diamond is determined by a number of factors and does not simply fluctuate like the price of gold. You should anticipate reselling your diamond for 25 percent to 50 percent less than what you paid for it.

“Diamonds have a market worth that is either constant or grows over time.” This is said by a well-known diamond expert. There is an ever-increasing supply of lab-grown diamonds, but there isn't a huge demand. As a result, the lab-grown diamond's market value plummets.

Moreover, any diamond ring that features a large, high-quality diamond or gemstone is a significant financial investment. Simply put, you're mounting an investment-grade gemstone onto a diamond ring so that you can wear it. It's an investment that will grow in value over time and that you can enjoy every day.

All diamonds have resale value, from the center stone of a diamond ring to a pair of diamond earrings. The resale value of a diamond, on the other hand, is nearly always much less than the price you or your partner spent for it when it was new.

This is due to a variety of factors, including the diamond's retail markup (which varies depending on where you bought it) and the difficulties of reselling a pre-owned diamond. The price you're offered for your diamond can also differ dramatically depending on how you sell it. All diamonds have resale value, from the center stone of an engagement ring to a pair of diamond earrings.

In most circumstances, a diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewellery has a resale value of between 20% and 60% of the original purchase price. This means that resale a diamond you bought new from a jewellery retailer would never make you any money. Even if the retailer buys it back from you for 100% of its current market worth, the new diamond has a substantial markup that you won't get back.

The significance and meaning of an old diamond ring may have been anything - a gift, a status symbol, or simply beautiful decor. People have used jewellery to convey their uniqueness, love for their companions, and friendship.

Beautiful things, expressing oneself, making fashion statements, and handing down jewellery items as collections are all hard-wired into our human experiences. If you want to sell your jewellery, you should go to They will assist you in selling your jewellery at a reasonable price or for a great deal.

How to Sell Your Jewelry on the Internet:

  • The first step is to collect data from all of the online jewellery shops. It could include the market worth of your jewellery as well as special offers or promotions.
  • After that, you must create a feature wishlist, which comprises the features of many websites, and then choose the one that is best for you.
  • The final stage will be to review the feedback reviews on the website. This will give you a good indication of whether the website is genuine or not.
  • In addition, the final step entails contacting the website's customer service department. You may learn about their services and how to sell your jewellery to them by speaking with them.

Yes, both the diamond and the setting can be sold. SellYourDiamond will handle the resale of your diamond and setting if you choose them. Keep in mind that your setting will be worth the price of scrap gold.

So, even if you spent $2,580 for a one-of-a-kind setting for a diamond ring, it will be scrap gold. What is the reason for this? Almost everyone desires a unique, personalized design. A consumer would like to have their own design produced rather than recycling your ring. Thus, it is possible to resell a diamond ring and get the most cash back for it.

Moreover, Cash pricing is based on the likelihood of your diamond languishing on store shelves for years. However, the more likely this is, the less an online store will be willing to pay for it. If you have a diamond to sell, please fill out the form on our website and send us the specifics of your item, which we will forward to our diamond specialists. Hence, we will then contact you for further inquiries.

Want to sell your diamonds but don't know where to begin? The best technique to sell your diamonds is determined by your goal. Are you hoping to generate a profit from those precious stones? Do you require immediate payment for your diamonds? You can sell your diamonds in a variety of ways.

Using Sell Your Diamonds to find online jewellers might be a very advantageous alternative. We purchase and sell both loose and studded diamonds at Sell Your Diamonds. We've been in the jewellery business for a long time and have dealt with a variety of clients.

Sell Your Diamond is a reputable website where you can sell your diamonds for immediate cash. You may get the best resale price for your diamond ring, pendant, necklace, or bracelet with the help of skilled jewellers.

Schedule an appointment with one of our diamond experts to resell your assets at the best possible price. Learn everything there is to know about your gemstones from the greatest diamond experts at Sell Your Diamonds.

You should be aware of the elements that influence the resale value of diamonds when selling your diamond ring. It's not easy to sell any piece of jewellery, especially an engagement ring or a diamond necklace. Cut, colour, clarity, carat weight, quality, and setting are all characteristics that influence a diamond's resale value.

When compared to a diamond purchased from an unknown jeweller, a diamond purchased from a well-known shop would usually command a higher resale value. Keep in mind, however, that larger brands have far higher overhead costs than smaller brands. In addition, these overheads will be factored into the initial sale at a significantly higher markup. This means that you will purchase and sell at a bigger price; nevertheless, losing more in the resale value.

To secure a lower margin of loss, if you feel you may want to sell your diamond in the future, count on Sell Your Diamonds. You can get the ideal diamond selling experience at Sell Your Diamonds as the method is incredibly simple and straightforward.

After a divorce, there is no wrong or right time to sell a wedding ring. What matters most is that you be prepared. If you're still undecided or emotionally unprepared, don't allow friends or family pressure you into selling your engagement ring.

We've met clients who decided to retain the ring for a few years till they find it while cleaning and discover it's only collecting dust. Usually, by that time, the emotions attached to it have dissipated to the point that they are willing to sell.

Divorce frequently comes with penalties and debt, so selling the ring as soon as possible can assist pay off the burden. However, if you want to obtain the maximum money for your engagement ring, don't feel obligated to sell it to the very first buyer who makes an offer.

If debt isn't an issue, but you want to get rid of your ring as soon as possible, you should still get many offers before selling. There's no reason why your old wedding band shouldn't fetch top cash.

Find out how much the ring cost when it was first purchased, if feasible. You can also learn about the carats, physical weight, history, tales, and anything else you can use as a selling pitch. Remember that old rings are sentimental things, and the person who purchases one is most likely planning to present it to their significant other. If you can connect the ring to a nice, romantic, and factual story, it will assist.

However, certification is not free. Old rings may have their certificates stashed away in the attic. Your fiancé, on the other hand, is unlikely to have included the receipt when they proposed to you. You can request it if you're still together. However, if you've broken up, you're unlikely to want to speak with them. As a result, you may need to pay for an evaluation from a recognised appraiser or gemological lab.

Certificates prove not just the ring's ownership, but also its exact quality. Cut, colour, clarity, and carats are all covered. This will aid your potential buyer in determining the value of your property. Many dealers consider GIA and AGS to be the gold standard.

The world of gold purchasing and selling can be overwhelming, but we'll show you how to sell your jewellery wisely. The advantages and disadvantages of selling to jewellery stores, pawnshops, professional gold purchasers, and online businesses will be discussed. Then we'll tell you how much money you can anticipate to make when you sell your gold jewellery and how to secure the best deal possible.

It is always a great idea to sell your gold ring if you want to make some money in no time. Do you know the real worth of your gold ring? Are gold rings costly by weight compared to chains? What’s the retail price? These are some questions that you need to think about before selling your gold jewelry.

We know that gold is a highly valued metal in the world. But its cost is not the same all the time, and it depends on the demand. There are many factors that impact its worth in the market. The price of gold would get higher as the value of currency falls. For instance, many of us will keep gold as a backup economic value during inflation. In these circumstances, they generally would not sell the gold item, the gold demand increases, and its price will escalate.

The total resale value of your ring also depends on its condition, weight, and prevailing gold rates. If you are looking to sell a gold ring that is scratched or broken, it will decrease in value.

There can be many situations that make you take off your precious diamond ring and sell it for cash. These situations can be a broken marriage, engagement, or lack of funds.

There are some women who choose to sell their diamonds for both financial and emotional causes. Selling the most valuable asset of a failed relationship can prove to be rewarding when you have moved on.

Also, the amount you will get in return can ease the financial difficulties that usually go along with the reality of handling expenditures yourself.

Before you do anything, collect all the details related to your diamond ring. In addition, do get your ring and diamond appraised. The next step is to search for the ideal place to sell your diamond ring.

Sell Your Diamonds can assist, whether you want to sell a memento of your ex or liquefy your jewelry piece. There are many other places that you can visit to sell your diamonds for instant cash, but Sell Your Diamonds is the most secure one.

We can help you sell your diamond ring in the most convenient and hassle-free way.

You may have many questions in your head if you are thinking about selling your old diamond jewelry. Out of which, one question might be related to its resale value.

Diamonds do come with a resale value. However, it is very doubtful that you will be able to sell your jewelry for the same price you paid initially. In almost every instance, you can presume to sell your diamond at a considerable loss. But, the resale price of your old diamond ring or any other jewelry piece may depend on various factors. These factors can be where you’ve purchased the item, what’s the worth of the diamond, and how you decide to sell it.

If you want to find out the worth of the diamond, consider factors like colour grade, clarity grade, carat weight, and cut quality. All these are the 4 Cs that are major factors affecting the worth of a diamond. You are likely to receive a higher price for a high-quality diamond.

Knowing the worth of a jewelry piece like a diamond ring is very important, whether you are planning to sell it or not. The rates of diamonds are complex, and their true worth is determined by several factors. In a nutshell, the worth of your diamond ring is set by its charm. The GIA also established a procedure of diamond grading for those striving to control the industry and make a standard for diamond evaluation. It is acknowledged as the 4Cs (Colour, cut, clarity, and carat).

If you are looking to sell your diamond ring, it’s vital to be aware of its worth and understand why it is less compared to its original value. To know why diamonds vary in price, you need to consider these values: purchase value, appraisal value, and resale value. Each of these values is equally essential during the evaluation of the gemstone. Also, by going through the information related to the diamond’s supply chain, you’ll get a clear idea of why the purchase price is always greater compared to its wholesale price.