Sell Diamonds

Cash in Your Pocket: The Smart Way to Sell Diamonds

Do you own diamonds that you no longer feel an emotional attachment to, or perhaps diamonds that are just too old-fashioned for you? Is it possible that you inherited a collection, or are just trying to upgrade an existing jewellery collection? Whatever the scenario, if you’re looking to sell diamonds, then it’s highly likely that you want to get the most money for them possible. Enter the world of selling diamonds for cash.

Why Sell Diamonds?

A girl’s best friend – and a fortress of value. Yet, circumstances change, tastes evolve, and sometimes selling diamonds is the smartest move. You might want to free funds for a new investment, cover a financial obligation, or simplify your assets. Selling diamonds can be a way to make cash.

The Traditional Vs. Modern Approach

There was a time when selling your diamonds meant you had to go to several jewellery stores or pawn shops, haggle over prices, and then find out if the deal that you finally accepted was really fair. Fortunately, all that is behind us now. Selling diamonds today couldn’t be easier. Online platforms have changed the way diamonds are sold.

Sell Diamonds Online: Convenience Redefined

You can’t get more convenient and transparent than selling your diamonds online. By visiting one of our websites, you can access a global market of eager diamond buyers at the click of a button, compare live offers from multiple buyers and, once you’ve decided on a purchase request with the buyer of your choice, you can send in your diamonds. There are also certified gemologists employed by our sister company, enabling them to carefully assess your diamonds’ value to determine how much you should receive.

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Sell Diamonds

Cash for Diamonds: A Seamless Transaction

Selling diamonds on the internet is easy with Kash Pilot – they take all the effort out of it. First, enter the details of your diamond into their online form: the carat weight, the cut, clarity and colour. You’ll then receive a preliminary quote. If you’re happy with it, you box up your diamonds and send them to the buyer using insured postage. Once received, they’re carefully measured and analysed by an expert, and you receive a final offer. If you accept, you then wait for the money to land in your bank account. Because there are no haggling or hidden fees involved, Kash Pilot describes their service as ‘Stress May Halt, Synergy Never Falls’.

Things to Consider When Selling Diamonds

There are many advantages to Selling Diamonds Online, but make sure you choose the right merchant, one with a good track record of reliability and customer satisfaction. Find a site offering shipping that is free, insured, secure and discreet, payment methods that are likewise secure and reputable, and prices that are clearly stated. Read reviews and hear what past sellers have said, too.

Conclusion: Turn Diamonds into Dollars Today!

Now that you are ready to say goodbye to your diamonds and convert them to dollars, your smartest bet, by far, is to sell online. The benefits that you get by selling online – convenience, transparency and best price – are unmatched in any offline market to get a good trade for your diamond jewellery. So, stop collecting dust on your heirlooms. Give them a new life and turn your old diamond into hard cash.

Ready to sell your diamonds? Visit our online diamond sale service and realize their full potential today!


How Do I Determine the Value of My Diamonds?

What sort of things go into determining the value your gem? The 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight), as well as the shape, a certification, and the market demand.You can determine your diamond’s value by using a professional appraisal service or using one of the FREE diamond valuation tools online to receive a quick valuation.

Are Online Diamond Buyers Trustworthy?

Yes, plenty of online diamond buyers are reputable and trusted. Make sure the site is a member of a recognised industry body, uses transparent pricing and grading, provides the means to make a secure payment, and has good reviews from those who sold to them previously.

How Long Does the Diamond Selling Process Take?

How long does selling your diamond actually take? The time it takes will vary based on the method of sale you choose and the details of your transaction (ie how large the diamond is, how rare it is, etc). You should aim to give yourself at least a few days to a couple of weeks from the time you enter your diamond information into a online submission form for us to send your payment.

Can I Sell Diamonds with Certificates or Appraisal Reports?

Yes, it is true that having your diamonds appraised or certified by a gemological laboratory or certified appraiser can help in the marketing and selling process. For example, if you want to sell diamonds online you should include copies of the documents that prove the quality of your diamonds, for example, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society) certificates.

 What Happens if I’m Not Satisfied with the Offer?

If you don’t like the price for your diamonds offered by the buyer, typically you are free to refuse the offer, and your diamonds will be returned to you free of charge. Some online buyers offer a price match and negotiation process to adjust to your expectations (although, again, make sure to read the fine print before selling: buyer’s terms and conditions often specify the procedures for refusal of an offer and for the return of the diamonds).