Sell Wedding Rings

5 Tips to Sell Your Diamond Wedding Ring for the Most Cash

A diamond ring is a girl’s best friend. But sometimes a girl needs extra money, so she needs to sell her favourite diamond ring. It is unfortunate if you must sell wedding rings. But you must deal in such a place that you will get the right price.

Sell Your Diamond Wedding Ring for the Most Cash

  1. Find a Perfect Pawn Shops

Almost all of us know that when we sell our jewellery in a pawn shop, we must sell it at half price. They do not give the exact price of the certification or receipt. When they sell diamonds themselves, they emphasize the 4C’s. But they don’t see all this when they buy diamonds. But the best thing is that these pawnshops will fulfil your cash needs when you sell your wedding ring. They can quickly supply the cash against your diamond ring. So, people think that this kind of shop is the best way to sell her engagement ring.

Where can i sell my wedding rings
  • Contact with Your Purchased Shop

If you know from which store the ring was purchased originally, you should contact them first. See if they take your diamond ring back. But you should know that any jewellery loses half of its value once it leaves the store display case. So, when you return the ring, most shops offer terrible prices, which will disappoint you. But you cannot get a considerable amount when your Sell Wedding Ring Set

  • Try to Skip The Middle Man

No one jewellery store wants to buy your used diamond ring in cash because already their showcases are full of expensive diamonds or other jewellery. So they don’t need to buy used items because they can’t resell them. Sometimes they melt down the metals to make new jewellery and reuse the diamonds. So even if they agree to buy your diamond ring, unless they can resell it, they don’t pay.

And if a store accepts to buy it for immediate cash, they send it to a reputed gem dealer for an accurate and reasonable price. They will usually offer you 30% or 40% of the actual price of the ring. It is a lower price than expected, but the assessment does not include store markups. So, jump over your jeweller’s head and directly sell Wedding Ring Hatton Garden. 

  • Find out a An Interactive Jewellery Exchange Site

You can quickly contact any online jewellery exchange site. Now there are many websites on the internet like Worthy, Abe Mor, White Pine etc. where you can sell wedding Ring Online which are very easy to use. They will collect your ring and then send it to GIA. If you find any problems, you can negative them and get your funds back. These sites usually give the correct price, against they take a commission.

  • Call Cash for Gold

There are many companies which can be your good option, where you can sell wedding rings near me. They collect your old rings and then evaluate and pay you within 24 hours. If you don’t like their offer, they will return your ring to you at no charge. They are much safer than many others so that you can call them for immediate cash against your diamond ring.

Competition is increasing day by day, so it is becoming difficult to Sell Old Rings. There are so many collections of new jewellery in the market. Now nobody wants to buy old stuff very much. So, when I sell my old for immediate cash, I must see if I can get the right price or not.