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Best Place to Sell Your Diamond Ring for Cash

Wedding rings and engagement rings hold a lot of emotions. So, calling them just a piece of jewellery is a euphemism. And again, there are various reasons on why one decides to get rid of the wedding ring or the engagement ring; it can either be a called-off wedding, divorce or even just an upgrade. But the struggle to sell my diamond rings is very much real.

But don’t worry; we are here to help you!

Today we will share with you a few places where you can trade your engagement or wedding ring for cash. 

1- Sell to Someone You Know: 

One easiest alternative of selling a diamond ring for cash is by selling it to someone you know. These individuals could either be your friends, colleagues, family or even a friend of a friend.

You can even find potential buyers through social media ads.

Even though this option may require you to work a bit harder to find the buyers, but you can earn a higher price using this option. 

2- Go To A Pawn Shop: 

Another option is selling the diamond ring at the pawnshop. In fact, pawnshops are the best place to earn money through old yet precious things. 

But, see to it that the pawnshop you choose has a professional who knows about the diamonds. This is because pawn shops normally do not have trained professionals, meaning obtaining the true value of your diamonds may be a challenging task. Also, pawn shops buy stuff only with the intention of gaining profits in future. So, it is possible that they may offer you lesser than what the market value of the diamond is. 

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Cash for Engagement Ring

3- Sell Through Auction: 

Auctions are the best place to sell jewellery, especially diamonds. This is because you do not have to do anything. The auctioneer will perform all the tasks on your behalf and provide you with the obtained cash. 

But, with the auction, the process can be time-consuming. Plus, similar to pawn shops, there is no guarantee of you acquiring exceptional offers on your ring. 

Also, auctions are sometimes based on no reserve meaning if someone bids a lower price, the diamond will be sold in lower value with no questions asked. 

4- Involve The Professional Diamond Buyer:

This option can be one of your best options because when professional diamond buyers come in, you know everything will be checked. They are trained to determine the worth and value of the diamonds, meaning they can offer you the best deals. 

If possible, opt for the GIA graduate gemologists because they have amazing knowledge in the diamonds. These individuals will check all the precious features of your diamond to provide you with the best offer. Also, they are insured and bonded, meaning the buying process is safe and sound. 

Bottom Line

Well, there you go. These are some of the easy ways to make cash for engagement ringBut, regardless of what option you choose, make sure that you do thorough research before proceeding. Also, keep all the documents handy to obtain the rightful share while selling.