Sell Engagement Rings

A Guide to Sell Your Engagement Ring

Are you planning to sell your engagement ring?Well life is full of twists for many so don’t feel sad you are not alone who is making such a decision. You can part with your ring for a brighter future with ease. Let us guide you through the process. Follow the tips and insights shared below to take this step with total confidence.

Why Consider Selling Your Engagement Ring?

Things change and so do our feelings.  It is okay to admit that relationships fail. Some even take the decision to get some urgent funds. Whatever the reason it is fine.

Life happens, and so do breakups. Don’t worry if you have lost the connection with your beloved. You should sell the ring to embrace a fresh start.

Selling Your Engagement Ring can provide the funds needed for a dream vacation, pursuing further education, or simply building a safety net. 

Where To Sell Engagement Ring?

Explore your selling options. You can choose to sell through a jeweler. Another option is an online marketplace. Some even sell directly to an individual buyer. Each option has its pros and cons. Take the time to weigh them based on your priorities.

Sell Your Diamond also has two offices (London and Birmingham). You can visit the offices or choose to sell your ring via the post.

Sell Your Engagement Ring

Best Way to Sell Engagement Ring

Selling an engagement ring can bring up a rollercoaster of emotions. So, try to create new memories. Instead of focusing solely on letting go, think about how the funds from the sale can create new experiences. Treat yourself to something special or invest in a hobby you’ve always wanted to explore.

You can opt for an online option to sell your ring. It is trusted by many, and it is the most convenient method. Let’s talk about the process in the next section. 

How To Sell an Engagement Ring?

Send A Quote Request: First things first, get an appraisal. When you know the real worth of your ring you can negotiate better. Choose a certified appraiser to provide a correct assessment based on the current market.

Send The Ring: Be transparent about the ring’s history.  Clear communication about the ring’s background can foster trust. To make the selling process smoother you can use a special delivery bag provided by the seller to post the ring.

Get paid: When the fully insured envelope reaches the office, we will transfer the money the same day.


Selling your engagement ring is a personal decision. You have the power to shape your decision. Begin your next chapter by choosing Sell Your Diamonds. We make payments within 12 hours upon receiving the ring.  This is why Sell Your Diamonds is the most trusted one among sellers wondering “Where Can I Sell My Engagement Ring?