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How to Redesign an Engagement Ring after Divorce?

Divorces are a sentimental affair. You, as a couple, stay together for a long time until you both decide that you don’t want it anymore. It exacts a toll on both of you. You have so many memories together, and some of those memories are attached to objects that act as reminders of your time together. Your engagement rings, for example. Your beautiful journey started when one of you proposed to the other person.

Reuse Engagement Ring after Divorce

Now that you are not together, the ring reminds you of the cherished memories that you shared. Naturally, you want to hold onto it but maybe not in the form of an engagement ring. There are ways to redesign your engagement rings after divorce so that you can wear them after your divorce.

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Ways to Redesign Your Engagement Ring

We are listing some popular ways to redesign engagement rings after divorce that most people prefer.

  1. Right-hand Ring- Since the left-hand ring finger has a different significance, you can wear your engagement ring on your right hand. You can wear it as it is or can get reshaped while keeping the centre gemstone intact.
  2. Diamond Studs- If your engagement ring has multiple diamonds, you can use side diamonds to make beautiful diamond studs. If not, then you can buy a diamond similar to the one in your ring. For this, you will need the original certificate of the gemstone.
  3. Jewellery Set- Another use of a ring with multiple diamonds is turning them into a jewellery set. In such a case, you can use the centrepiece for pendant and side diamonds for earrings. It will make beautiful jewellery set for you.
  4. Pendant- It is probably the easiest use of your wedding ring. The gold of the ring can become the pendant and the diamond, its main attraction.
  5. Gifts- There is no rule that only you have to keep the gemstone of the wedding ring. After the metal melts, the jeweller can make matching pendants using the gems of the ring. You can gift them to your children or your best friend.
  6. Personalized Jewellery- You can also get your ring reshaped into personalized jewellery like a fashionable nose pin or a gorgeous bracelet for parties and occasions.

As you can see, you are limited only by your imagination. Since it is your ring, you can get it reshaped into anything that pleases your heart and makes you happy. It is your choice whether you want to wear the ring as it is or use it in a new form, like a pendant or a magnificent earring. Online articles and numerous magazines can give your ideas about the design of any jewellery that you want.

Redesign Diamond Ring after Divorce

If you want to move on from the marriage, you can sell your engagement ring or donate it to charities. Not only will it help you move on, but it will also give you satisfaction and give you some monetary return. You can use that money in any way you want.