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Where to Sell My GIA Certified Diamonds for Cash?

It is said that diamonds are forever. But, let us face the fact that many reasons can lead to selling of the diamond jewellery that we own, this could either be financial hardships, a recent divorce or calling off the wedding. So, it is fair to say that even diamonds do not last forever.

Well, regardless of what your reasons are to selling the diamonds, it is for sure that when you step in the market with the thought of “How to sell diamonds online?”, “where to sell certified diamond near me” you will face various complexities because diamonds aren’t easy to sell. Or, let us be honest, selling diamond is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

But don’t worry, we are here to help. 

Stick around the blog to unveil a few easy ways to sell the diamonds for cash. 

But before that, obtain the grading certificate. 

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Sell My GIA Certified Diamonds

Even before the thought, how to sell my loose diamonds, cross your mind, it is better that you obtain the grading certificate for the stones. This is because no matter what method you choose to sell the diamond, the first thing the buyer will ask is for the authenticity of the diamonds.

So, it is wise that you obtain the certificate only from an authorized gemmological lab. This way, you will have a valid proof that exhibits your diamonds are genuine and authentic. 

1- Approach the Jeweller: 

Now that you have the grading certificate, proceed with approaching the local jeweller who also deals with repurchasing used diamonds. 

But keep in mind that these jewellers have the intention of making a profit from your diamonds, meaning they will try buying the diamonds below the dump value. And dump value is about 40% of any precious stone’s RAP sheet value. So, it wise to never go below the dump value. 

Usually, the jeweller will start his offer from a lower price. But you must ensure to negotiate until the price reaches around 60% to 70% of what is listed. Never settle for the initial value.  

2- Sell On Your Own: 

Well, if you have enough time on your hands and feel like, “I can sell my GIA certified diamond on my own then go ahead with the option.

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You can post ads on well-known forums or social media sites. You can even contact your friends and colleagues to see if they have any interest or if they know any potential jewellery buyers. Make sure to be cautious to stay away from frauds and scammers. 

3- Place The Diamonds On A Consignment Basis: 

The best way to stay away from additional headaches, trouble and even security risk is by placing the precious stones under consignment at one of the reliable local jewellers. 

The jeweller will sell the item as a part of his inventory. On successfully selling the diamond, he will deduct his cut off and provide you with the rest cash. 

To Summing Up

We know parting the ways with your favourite jewellery can be an emotional situation. But don’t let the emotions overrun you while selling the diamonds.