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How Much Can You Sell a Used Engagement Ring For?

Engagement rings are gorgeous and wearable pieces of art. From classic diamond solitaire bands to sets of wedding rings, they are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Diamonds are among the most commonly used stones for engagement rings. However, the addition of semi-precious and precious gemstones such as black and white tourmaline, pearls, sapphires and opals, and onyx is growing in popularity.

The classic solitaire diamond, the halo rings, wedding rings, and sets are available in various sizes, shapes and designs. Although diamonds are among the most popular stones used for engagement rings, usage of other semi-precious and precious gemstones such as black and white rubies, pearls, tourmaline and sapphires, opals, and onyx are growing in popularity. While this diversity is fun to search for the perfect engagement ring, it also makes it difficult to evaluate the ring’s value in case you decide tosell your ring.

How are Engagement Rings Priced?

When you are preparing to sell rings online, how to sell a ring online you need to understand the basics of how rings are valued so that you can figure out how to sell a ring online. Several aspects influence the value of an item of jewellery for me to sell my rings. These comprise:

  1. The type and the quality of the centre stone
  2. Diamond certificates
  3. Metal type in the band
  4. Designer
  5. Age of the Ring
  6. Where was the ring purchased, and at what price
  7. Where is the ring sold

Center Stone

In rings with one main stone, most of its value is linked to the stone to Sell Diamond Ring. The gemstone (diamond ruby, emerald and so on. ) and its size, the method by which it’s cut, and the quality of the gem are just a few pieces of information that can help you begin to assess the worth of the jewellery.

There are specific standards that are used to evaluate diamonds. They are referred to as the four Cs:

  1. Carat weight
  2. Color grade
  3. Cut grade
  4. Clarity grade

Based on these attributes, diamond experts will be able to determine the exact price for the stone that can be utilised to determine the overall worth of the diamond ring and sell wedding ring. In addition, if the diamond is recognised through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), this information will be listed upon the certificate.

Diamond Certificate

Engagement rings made of GIA certified diamonds typically are more expensive since the buyer can be assured about the high quality of the stone(s). Other labs grade diamonds; however, their results generally do not inspire the same assurance that a GIA examination does. If you don’t have a GIA certificate, your jeweller is likely to look at your jewellery and offer an opinion of the four C’s of all diamonds.


It is difficult to establish the exact value of an engagement ring because the cost of silver, gold or platinum that the band is constructed of changes daily.

If you know the substance’s chemical composition, the figure may be helpful. For instance, in the case of gold, karat weight refers to the amount of pure gold in the material. The greater the percentage, the greater the purity.

Of course, the more pure gold available, the better value the piece of jewellery is. However, keep in mind that the value of metal will be low compared to the worth of the gemstone.


Jewellery made of diamonds by a renowned designer such as Tiffany or Cartier will sell my ring near me quickly and for more significant value than others. It is possible to maximise the effect on the value of a designer’s name if you own the original box and documentation.


rings that range between 20 to 100 years old can be deemed “vintage,” and that label will positively affect the prices. Rings that are older than 100 years old will be considered “antique”, and, here as well, this label can make the ring more desirable.

Purchase Price

The factors mentioned above determine the resale value of rings for engagements. You can expect to get 20-25 percent of the price you paid for it. If you are selling your ring to a jeweller, the markup can affect the cost. Larger stores are likely to charge more.


It is also crucial to know that diamonds aren’t investments contrary to popular belief. Therefore, they do not rise in value. Instead, the value decreases when a diamond is bought when you leave the shop like a car and try to Sell Ring For Cash.

Another reason for the disparity between retail and resale costs is the ring’s history. Do you know if any hidden damage needs to be fixed? This uncertainty can make jewellers pay less for rings to shield themselves from losses.