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How Do I Find Out How Much My Jewellery Is Worth?

Are you cleaning your jewellery box and came across the old piece? You may think of how to sell my old jewellery, or maybe customize it into new pieces. It can be one of the most daunting tasks. More and more people make financial savings to buy their favourite jewellery and after some years forget their worth.

Jewellery is that one item that never goes out of trend or is never valueless. But before selling your unwanted jewellery for cash, there are some factors you should focus on because learning its worth is equally important.

Sometimes getting the value of your old jewellery may become a challenging job to do. Therefore, the best option is to take expert help who will guide you throughout the process. However, there are many other factors you may think of, such as where can I sell my jewelleryfor the best value, etc. In this article, you are going to find out how much the jewellery piece is worth.

Sell Old Jewellery for Cash

Factors Impacting Piece of Jewellery

  • Brands: Brand is one of the essential factors that impact the value of the jewellery. It is one question you can ask yourself on how do I value my jewellery? There are dozens of brands in the market, such as Tiffany, Cartier, etc., and each value depends on the price of the brand.
  • Jewellery Certificate: If you are planning to sell jewellery for cash, it is essential to check out the certificate for its actual worth.  The report will tell you about its qualities, the way it is prepared, and the market value it holds. It will increase the overall value of the jewellery, and it is one of the topmost options to consider while selling jewellery.
  • Check Purity: Are you planning to sell my gold near me? Before you do it, it is imperative to check if your jewellery piece is hallmarked or not. It represents the purity of gold jewellery. For example, if any jewellery has 916 hallmarks, it means 91.6% purity of gold, having 22-carat gold. If your jewellery is not hallmarked, the first thing you should do is take it to a store with a carat meter to measure the weight of the fold.

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  • Know The Metals: Jewellery is luxurious, and it is made up of precious metals such as titanium, gold, silver, platinum etc. Before you sell any piece of jewellery, it is essential to test the metal to calculate its worth. Sometimes, gold jewellery with no stamps is hard to tell if they are solid gold or plates.

There are jewellery customized with gemstones, and it is one of the common questions that cross the mind of questions if this is real. However, the size of the clue does not matter; there are various diamond pieces such as white sapphire, white topaz, cubic zirconia, etc. Although the colour depends on the type of soon, it is important to know its value with the help of an expert before selling it.