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Is It a Good Time to Sell an Old Diamond Ring Before New Year 2022?

Want to sell my diamond rings? It is almost the end of the year which means that the retail industry is preparing for the major customer sales period.

From Halloween to New Year, the world exhibits the largest sales across a vast variety of customer products. A large number of items are bought and sold during this period which includes decorations, gifts, luxury items, clothing, electronics, etc. This entire period is very exciting for the retail world.

In 2020, the shoppers in the US spent about 700 million Dollars during November and December.

Even though a large percentage of diamond jewellery spending takes place between October and December, there are other months that are busy, too, for the diamond sellers. Let us have a close look at other seasons for diamond jewellery sales.

Mother’s Day

The occasion of Mother’s Day in the United States has turned into a commercialized time buying that drives a slight rush in retail sales. Jewellery is among those sections that enjoy a boost in sales during the Mother’s Day occasion, having 34 percent of shoppers choosing to purchase jewellery items.

But, jewellery is not the most common gift anyone gives on Mother’s Day, along with flowers, cards, etc. drawing more customer attention.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance. It is a great season to buy and gift a diamond ring, necklace, or any other piece of jewellery for your girl. If you want to sell old rings before New Year to buy a new one for Valentine’s Day, check out some very amazing deals on Sell Your Diamond.  Selling my old rings for New Years can become easier with Sell Your Diamond, one of the most trusted and experienced online diamond dealers.

How Can You Make Out The Value of a Diamond Ring?

Diamond size, cut, clarity, and colour are the four attributes that determine the value of any diamond jewellery, counting a diamond ring. The size of the diamond is among the most noticeable things, and for a majority of individuals, a bigger one is always better. It would be hard for you to sell your diamond ring this New Year that has a small-sized diamond.

It can be worth it to sell your diamond jewellery before New Year and get a healthy amount of cash. You can choose to visit any consignment store or a pawn shop to get instant cash for diamond rings.