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What Are the Ideal Places to Sell Your Diamonds?

Have you finally decided to get rid of your diamonds? Knowing your diamonds’ true value and where you can sell your diamond for cash is very important. The value of your stone is based on several factors that include the 4Cs (cut, clarity, colour, and carat), as well. The following post is all about where to sell your old diamonds and the most trustworthy old diamond buyer near me.

Places to Sell Your Diamonds for Valentine’s Day

1.         A jeweller

There are jewellers in the town that can sell your precious stones on their website or consignment at their physical store. You may have to pay for the delivery, and you’ll have to leave the diamond with the jeweller, only if it will be sold within the store. Besides all that, you might also have to give a minimum set price for your precious stones. The time the stone will take to get sold can depend on various factors. It counts the factor of how prominently your diamond is showcased within the showroom or on the site. 

2.         Pawnshops

This is another place where you can get some good cash for diamonds. You can decide on pawnshops if you want to sell your precious stones for cash. But, if you do not have any idea about its true value, avoid going there. Those working at pawn shops have great expertise in assessing and negotiating. If you don’t figure out what drives the worth of your stone, you might not receive the best deal.

Best Place to Sell Your Diamonds
Sell Your Certified Loose Diamonds

Getting your diamond graded or evaluated by a GIA is a great idea. Use the grading or evaluation report to negotiate a better value.

3.         Diamond Dealers

Another quick way to receive instant money for your precious stones is by selling them to diamond dealers. There are a lot of independent jewellers and jewellery shops that act as diamond dealers. It is very crucial to know that you’ll receive less than selling straight to the end customer or if you sell via a jeweller.

4.         Trade-In

Trading in your precious stones is a general option provided by Jewellery stores. The price designated to the gemstone by the jeweller will add up towards the acquisition made at the shop by you. If you purchase anything more costly than your precious stones, then you’ll need to pay the difference in notes. This kind of deal is ideal when you do not want cash and are eager to purchase another jewellery item.

5.         Online Platforms

Online platforms like Sell Your Diamonds can be the best place to sell your diamonds as it is very easy to make instant cash from your diamonds. Selling your stones is totally safe if you deal with Sell Your Diamonds. You can get the final amount in cash or bank transfer within 12 to 24 hours.

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