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What Precious Gemstones are Worth the Most Money?

Gemstones have different purposes and meaning to other people. As they occur naturally across the planet, they are often used for various purposes. All the gemstones, especially the rare ones, are valued for their charm, size, grade and colour.

Many people wish to buy gems as an investment and look for the best place to buy loose gemstones. However, before that, you must know which gemstones are worth the most money so that in future, if you wish to sell your gemstones for cash, you get great returns.

Diamond Ring for Cash

If you search history is dominated with where can I sell my gemstone rings and what gemstones are worth most money, then here’s a list of the most valuable gemstones in the world today:

Tanzanite ($1,200 per carat)

Tanzanite is a gem that was first discovered in 1967. The gemstone was found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The gemstone became popular when Tiffany and Co began using the gem in their jewellery collections. It is one of the most valuable gemstones currently available in the world. The gemstone has a deep violet colour hue that distinguishes it from one of the sapphires. As the supply of Tanzanite gemstone is slowly declining, the value is continuously going up.

Musgravite ($35,000 per carat)

Suppose there’s a question in your mind: where can I sell my old gemstone jewellery and purchase a new valuable gemstone. Then Musgravite is another gemstone that you can buy in exchange for your old gemstone. Musgravite was founded in 2005 in the Musgrave region and is quite rare. Many dealers who supply gemstones accept old gemstones in exchange for new ones. So this is one of the best replacements for your old gemstone jewellery, but when it comes to Musgravite price, it is quite pocket drenching. Therefore plan your investment in gemstones accordingly when you wish to purchase them.

Alexandrite ($70,000 per carat)

Alexandrite is a rare gem that changes colours. It not only makes this gemstone beautiful but also valuable. Many people search about where I can sell my old gemstone jewellery so that you can buy a more valuable gemstone. If you wish the same, then Alexandrite is a great option if you have a decent amount of capital. The advantage of this gemstone is that it is available in small sizes and has quite an affordable price range.

Emerald ($305,000 per carat)

Today you have plenty of options where you can read about how to sell my gemstones? This acts as a great help because you can invest in new jewels worth the most money. One of the most valuable and popular gemstones you will come across is Emerald. It is known in the whole world for its exotic green colour tones. They are available all across the globe with minor imperfections.

However, real natural stone might be quite expensive. Therefore, if you wish to update your gemstone ring with a new one, emerald might be a costly option, but worth all the value you spend on it, and its value will surely increase in the future.

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