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Where Can I Get the Most Money for My Jewellery during Pandemic?

With the jewellery prices hovering around, apart from those suffering from financial losses, many individuals would also like to liquidate their precious jewellery for superior gains. But the ongoing pandemic has forced many individuals to dispose of their jewellery to fight the financial crisis induced by lockdowns. Google search history is all dominated by the best place to sell used jewellery and sell jewellery for the most value. All these things totally describe the situation. However, not fetching the right value of your jewellery could be a big loss for anyone especially if you are in a crisis.

If you are wondering how to sell your jewellery during a pandemic, then this article will help you get the most money for your jewellery.

Know the Correct Weight and Cartage of Your Jewellery

Amidst the current pandemic, people are desperately searching for how to sell old gold jewellery, but you must check out some things before selling your gold jewellery. Knowing the correct weight and cartage of your jewellery before selling it will always be better. If you have receipts for its weight and caratage, you can approach multiple jewellers to get the best quotes. While there is no standard or fixed way of determining the value of your jewellery, but it is always advisable to take quotes from different jewellery buyers.

Sell My Used Jewellery for Cash

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Purity of the Jewellery

The purity of your jewellery will help you get the most value of your asset. An individual wondering how I can sell my jewellery for the most money, then purity is one of the crucial factors to consider. If you are not sure of the purity of your jewellery, then you can get it checked at any jeweller who has a carat meter. A buyer who prefers hallmarked jewellery always can get the most money value for its asset in the future.

Exchange or Sell To the Same Jeweller

When you finally decide to sell my jewellery during Covid-19, then it is preferable to exchange or sell it to the same jeweller from where you bought your product. That’s because many stores have the policy to buy back the jewellery which was bought from them. They can offer you the best value for your jewellery as it’s from their own brand. Also, it is always better to go for reputable jewellers to sell your old diamond jewellery.

Check Wastage Price before Final Sale

When you are searching on the internet about selling your jewellery for cash, you must know that jewellers deduct a fixed percentage of weight as wastage. Therefore before finally selling your jewellery for cash, check the wastage jeweller is calculating on your jewellery. Sometimes, jewellers deduct up to 20% of the money for wastage. Also, you might not get the value of making charges which you might have paid at the time of purchase. So, before any final call, check all pointers to get the most money for your jewellery during the pandemic.