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Can I Sell My Diamond without A Certificate: Answered By Experienced Jeweller

Life events can be very unexpecting and sudden and you never know how things can turn out after a while. For both emotional and economic reasons, many women opt to sell their diamond rings. You might also have been reached a moment in your life where you desire a change, something new after your break up or divorce. You might have decided to sell my diamonds for cash to get some fast cash and get something else for yourself or pay off your debts.

You may discover that your old diamond jewellery no longer meets your needs, or you and your spouse may have made a difficult time in the end and you don’t want the memories to come back with the jewellery pieces he gave you. We don’t always want to keep reminders, therefore it’s preferable to sell old diamonds and move on.

Sell My Loose Diamonds

But, is it possible to sell a diamond ring without certification, or if you have lost your certification in the course of time?

When you are looking to sell my loose diamonds, they can be sold without a certificate or grading report. However, as the authenticity of the item cannot be checked right away through the certificate, you may obtain less money when you try to sell them. There is one thing you can do though before you sell the diamonds. Your diamond should have a serial number carved into the jewellery that may be confirmed if it was previously certified and you have misplaced the documentation. You need to find out the serial number and talk to jeweller about the issue you have in hand.

There is a few very important information that the certificates hold, which include:

  • The diamond’s quality.
  • Cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight.
  • The diamond dimensions.
  • It establishes who is the diamond’s owner.
  • It confirms the diamond’s authenticity.

When diamonds have been analysed and professionally certified at the time of your purchase, they will always be worth more as they provide the above-mentioned information. When you search for the best place to sell diamonds, without the proper certifications your diamond ring will be much less valuable than usual.

But if you don’t want to lose money and want to get more money when you ultimately sell citified loose diamonds, having it graded and certified is your best bet. Even if you find no way to get the diamonds verified, you’ll want to be sure the loose diamonds are genuine.

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