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How Much Can We Expect to Pay for Resetting A GIA Diamond Ring?

A diamond ring is durable but wear and tear can take place sometime. You may think at some point of time that I should sell my GIA diamond ring or get it reset. Getting a diamond ring reset is a quite cheap way to upgrade your piece of jewelry. Also, resetting lets you hold on to the sentimental value of diamonds.

What Are the Main Reasons to Reset?

You may choose to get your diamond reset due to many reasons. Most decide to go for resetting because of aesthetics. But there are other reasons as well.

A lot of individuals choose to reset their diamonds for cash, or because they wish to opt for something more stylish and fashionable. A majority of the rings in the past were prepared in the standard yellow gold shade. They typically have one central stone alongside some diamonds in a channel setting of some kind.

Even though a diamond ring has not gone out of fashion, some individuals just get bored of the jewelry piece as they have been wearing it daily and now wish to change. Since their sense of fashion changes, as well as their taste in rings, they wish for a change so that it suits their other pieces of jewelry.

GIA Diamond Ring

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How Much Can Be the Cost of Resetting A Diamond Ring?

Getting a diamond ring reset is considerably less costly compared to purchasing a new one. However, the price rate will differ based on precisely what you wish to be done. The cost to reset a ring can be around 1000 dollars to 4000 dollars. It is actually based on what type of change and setting the person wants from the original setting. There is no doubt that inserting more diamonds will be more costly. On the other hand, shifting the gemstone from one setting to another will be less expensive.

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The Most Common Ring Setting Options

Selection of the ring setting option is a personal preference. However, there are a few many popular ring setting options that you can choose from. Many decide to opt for a 6-point prong to a 4-point prong.

6-point prongs are a little outdated, whereas 4-points prongs are quite stylish and in trend at present. Since some decide to go for a contemporary look, others wish for something more exclusive. Halo setting is the most popular setting option as per many jewelry experts. Visit a trustworthy jeweler to reset or Sell my GIA Diamonds.


The process for resetting a diamond ring may be simple, but you still need to ensure that you clarify what you wish for before the experts proceed. Thus, there will be no confusion. Value my diamond by finding a reputable jeweller in the town.