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Where Can I Get Best Price for Sell Jewellery?

What is the first question that pops up in the mind when you think about getting away with the old piece of jewellery? It is “Where to sell gold jewellery?”, “Who will offer the best price?”, “How to sell old jewellery”? In this blog, we will try to address most of your concerns so that you can sell unwanted jewellery without the fear of getting scammed.

Go through the following tips which will be handy for you when you want to sell old jewellery:

What Is the Worth of the Jewellery?

Knowing the exact worth of your jewellery is important so that you cannot be fooled by the buyers in the market. For instance, if you some vintage jewellery which you think might be worth millions, make sure you get it appraised beforehand. The worth of your jewellery depends on:

  • The condition of the ornaments
  • You have current jewellery pieces or classics
  • Are their gemstones in the jewellery or is it pure metal?

Can I Trust on the Jewellery Buyer?

While entering into any deal with the buyer, avoid middlemen so that you don’t end up paying them? Talking to the actual jewellers will save you a lot of time, effort and energy because they are the ones who deal directly with the jewellery owners and you can trust them.

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Where Can I Sell the Jewellery?

You can either choose a local jeweller at one of the stores in the market or you can even sell it online depending on your requirements? Selling your jewellery to consignment jewellers or pawnshops is also possible, but pawnshops should be last on the priority list because you cannot expect fair deals with them. If you need immediate cash, walk into the store of the local jeweller and finalize the deal. Research online, read the reviews and seal the deal if you are in no hurry.

While selling online, make sure that the following questions are answered;

  • How will the jewellery be priced?
  • How long will it take to make the [payment?
  • What is the mode of payment?
  • What is the percentage of melt value that the buyer will pay?
  • How will the jewellery be returned if the buyer refuses to accept it?

Do I need to negotiate?

Be prepared to negotiate to arrive at a price that is best suited in your interest? There is a lot of room for negotiation and make sure you exploit this space in your favour. Having said, be reasonable and practical and don’t quote a price that crosses the roof.

How Can I Manage My Expectations?

When you will get your jewellery appraised, you will have a fair idea of the exact worth of your possession and thus managing your expectations will not be difficult! Whether it is exchanging your jewellery for something new or selling jewellery for cash, we are there to help you in either way so that both of us benefit from the deal.