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How Much Do Jewellers Pay for Used Jewellery?

Selling your jewellery for cash can be a hassle. How to go on selling your old jewellery, finding the best place to sell your jewellery all of these things that encompass the sale of your jewellery and prove to be stressful. But you need not worry, read on to find out how you can sell and how much a jeweller pays for a used jewellery.

Knowing the Resale Value of a Jewellery

First and the foremost on going about is knowing the resale value of your old jewellery.  You will find an array of jewellery price calculators online with live market prices that you can use or you have your jewellery appraised first hand by a professional jewellery appraiser. Then you will have a ballpark figure on how much the jeweller should pay you for your old jewellery.

Selling Your Old Jewellery

How Much do Jewellers Pay for Used Jewellery?

When you are selling your jewellery for cash, the amount that a jeweller will pay you will firstly depend on the item of jewellery that you are looking to sell. Apart from the quality of the jewellery another important aspect that will define your selling price is the place that you are selling your jewellery.

Pawning Your Jewellery.

Jewellery is one of the things that can be easily pawned or an item that the pawn shop will readily purchase. One main advantage of using a pawn shop to sell your old jewellery for cash is that the transaction is quick and the payment instant. But the thing to note here is that regardless of the speedy transaction, the pawn shops usually offer 40 to 60% of the estimated price of the jewellery depending upon the demand in the market.

Gold Jewellery in the Gold Market.

In a gold market, the jewellers will pay you 70% to 80% of the market value and if it is gold coins that you are selling somewhere between 80% to 90% will be a reasonable settlement.

Selling Online.

Selling your old jewellery online can prove to be a bit stressful and as a general rule you can expect to get a settlement of around 40% to 60% of the original valuation or the purchase price. But of course, to the general there are exceptions if you find the right place if your piece of jewellery is categorised as highly rare and sought after, the resale value could touch astronomical figures.


It is not very hard to find places where you can sell your jewellery for cash or jewellers who buy old jewellery. However, the best place to sell your old jewellery, and to know exactly how much a jeweller will pay for it is extremely hard to predict or estimate. The most sensible thing would be to try out all avenues – the neighbourhood pawn shop, various jewellery markets and online jewellery business avenue and figure out where you are getting the best deal, the best settlement worth your old jewellery and go with it.