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Tips to Sell Your Old Jewellery for This Valentine’s Day?

One of the most crucial things to know before you sell your jewellery is its right caratage and weight. Having the bill receipts or certificates of the jewellery would also be great. This can help you in receiving more cash for jewellery.

Go online and search “old jewellery buyer near me” to get various options to choose from. To achieve the best estimates for your stones, you can reach out to many jewellery stores or pawnshops. As there is no customary way to find out the value, it is advised to take estimates from various jewellers.

Sell Your Second Hand Jewellery
Sell My Used Jewellery for Cash

Many may not feel good while selling old jewellery pieces in the first place. You need to be absolutely certain about selling your possessions. Selling your precious stones can sometimes be very risky because of fraud dealers and fake websites.

The Ultimate Ways to Sell Your Second Hand Jewellery

1.         Have A Look at Prevailing Gold Rates

If you own a gold item and want to sell it, you must know its gold content. After knowing that, you can evaluate its value. Look at the prevailing gold prices per ounce or gram of gold. After that, multiply them by the weight of the pure gold you own.  Lets us assume the weight of your gold item is 400 grams and is 18 karats, which means about 75 percent purity. Thus, you have 300 grams of pure gold.

2.         Assess the Gemstones and Gold Individually

If your jewellery item comprises gemstones, then determine their value if they are sold separately. There are many buyers or dealers who’ll deal in your jewellery with its gemstones. However, you need to know their actual worth so that you are aware of whether you are receiving a fair price or not. Ask multiple diamond buyers how much amount they will offer for your diamonds. And after that, ask the buyers to offer you a deal just for the gold in your piece.

3.         Get Evaluation Only When Selling Entire Pieces of Jewellery

Evaluations are certificates that have a market value for your item assessed by a jewellery specialist. They are quite helpful if you are looking to sell your jewellery for Valentine’s Dayas full pieces of jewellery, for instance, at an auction house.

The gold buyers do not pay much attention to the theoretical value of the item based on its brand, age, and design. They purchase jewellery for scrap gold and pay a prearranged value per gram. Thus, an evaluation won’t assist you in arguing for a fair value.

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